Netizens slams Mar Roxas for “walang sobre, walang palakpak” in campaign sorties

The viral video wherein an LP member was rehearsing the audience to shout “Roxas na, Oras na” in exchange for money has been doing rounds online.

In a Facebook post shared more than 22 thousand times and still growing, a video blogger identified as KutangBato Vlogger published the video over the weekend that gave the anti-Roxas critics a weapon to attack him.

In the video, a male individual was purportedly rehearsing the crowd before Mar Roxas’s entourage led by the candidates’ wife Korina Sanchez arrived at the campaign venue to cheer “Roxas Na, Oras Na” boisterously, otherwise, they won’t be receiving the envelope that the guy was holding in his hand.

This is an apparent tactic to give the impression to the important guest that the crowd is solidly behind the candidate.

Let us read together the various reactions of the netizens to the envelope campaign of Roxas.

KutangBato Vlogger wrote:

Envelope campaign of Mar/LP, a reality on how they gather audience during campaign. This happened in his campaign in Pikit, North Cotabato last March 31, a day before the bloody farmer’s protest-rally in nearby Kidapawan City.

NetBlogger.360 says:

Ganito ang preparation sa rally ni mar Roxas..Wala kang sobre kung hindi ka sisigaw ng malakas.
Walang sobre pag walang palakpak. ( This is how Roxas and his party prepare a campaign rally. You have no envelope unless you cheer the loudest. You have no envelope (money) unless you clap.

No More Term For Noynoying wrote a sarcastic caption.

BAGONG SLOGAN NI MAR: “WALANG SOBRE PAG WALANG PALAKPAK” (The new slogan of Mar: No envelope, no clapping)

Joseph Malimit Sarcia wrote:

This is where our taxes go.

Cynthia de Guzman wrote:

COMELEC paki aksyunan naman ito. (Comelec, do someting about this.)

Virginia Bibera wrote:

Wala talagang this GOVT is doing all they can to win in this election i hope na this people will just recieve money and not vote for them.

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