Netizens smell libel case versus GMA News following erroneous caption tagging political family behind Kerwin’s illegal drug activities

Libel case brewing!

This is the comment of a netizen in response to the caption given by GMA News TV while Kerwin Espinosa was narrating to members of the Senate committee on public order when asked about his feud with Albuera Police Chief Jovie Espenido.

A fuming netizen identified as Maria Cecilia Tan Velasquez-Franco, an Ormoc City native, took a screenshot of the caption and shared it on Facebook, wrote a caption that says: 

Hoi TV5 ug GMA! pag sure daw mo diha ug caption! Pag hire mo better transcriptionist oi! #STORYAPATAKA #Libel  (Hoy TV5 and GMA!  Be sure with your caption. Hire a better transcriptionist! #falsereporting #Libel)

Her Facebook friends joined the conversation to condemned GMA News and TV5.

Miguel Capahi wrote: Pagka-careless and dangerous ani nga caption ui. Someone’s gonna get fired for sure. (This is a careless and dangerous caption. Someone’s gonna get fired for sure.)

Cherry Con-ui Bertulfo wrote: Ohemgee! Libel case brewing…

Benjamin Almedilla Orevillo Pataka ra jud ug caption. Haha (Messed up with his/her caption. Haha)

Setiram Trinidad Caballes-Etraton G.klaro na gani na wa silay apil…(He was actually explaining that they were not involved (Locsin family).

According to Kerwin Espinosa, he started working for the Locsin family ( belonging to the Locsins of Negros and the Larrazabals in Ormoc) as a barangay organizer during election on behalf of the Locsin family while Albuera Chief Espenido worked for the Codilla family (political adversary of the Locsin-Larrazabal clan).

Kerwin said this is how Albuera Chief Jovie Espenido got mad at him because of their respective political loyalties.

This explains Kerwin said, why Albuera Police Chief Jovie Espenido manufactured the affidavit of his father Mayor Espinosa and implicated several personalities in the illegal drug trade which Kerwin denied as having to do with him.

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