Netizen’s special request to Manny Pacquiao re reams of bond papers presented as evidences draws laughs from netizens

Senator Manny Pacquiao’s LIVE press conference yesterday to present his “nakakahilong” (dizzying) evidences of corruption versus the different government agencies and departments under the Duterte admin has been the butt of jokes by netizens on social media.

One of the prominent social media influencers who ribbed the Pacman is none other than Krizette Laureta Chu of Manila Bulletin and admin of the FB page KLC Happy Thoughts and Cellphone Repair.

In the brief FB post aka open letter, Chu respectfully asked the senator to donate his “props” – she means the bond papers seen in the LIVE presscon sitting atop his office table – for her PENGE PRINTER PROJECT after he use them for his next few shows, rather press cons?

Chu believed that the bond papers were unused, perfect for donation to our public school teachers for printing school modules.

Chu continued to appeal to Manny by commenting on her thread justifing why she wants Manny Pacquiao’s bond papers donated. “Perfect po ito kasi Wala pong ka lukot lukot na para bang bagong tanggal yung covering ❤️❤️❤️Raffy Tulfo in Action pls help na madinig ako ni Manny Pacquiao.”

To which a netizen replied: “na curious tuloy ako if may mga naka print ba talaga sa mga bond papers na yan 😂🤔 ang dami eh nabasa kaya nya lahat? parang mas makapal pa sa mga world atlas books at encyclopedia eh 😆 “Kaya nga madam para naman makatulong sa mga students at teachers. Kesa shred Lang nila later on,” replied another. “walang naka staple sa mga bondpapers😅…basta pinagpatong-patong lang 😁. Tinanggalan lang yata ng balot per ream😃 noted another.

“A lot of clean sheets of papers. Not a single drop of ink! Manny Pacquiao is a Greatest Showman!” commented a netizen to share his observation regarding the piles of bond papers.

“Sa real situation, ang table na maraming documents na nakapatong-patong is a sign of being inefficient. Ang ganyang table ay supposed to be owned by a records keeper doing segregation of documents for filing in cabinets,” wrote another.

Chu wasn’t finished yet and wanted the folders too. “Pasabay na rin po sana ng folder kasi super kinis pa”

Dear Senator Manny Pacquiao,
May I respectfully ask if you could donate your props—I mean bond paper—for the PENGE PRINTER PROJECT after you use them for your next few shows, I mean press cons?
Walang kasulat-sulat so talagang magagamit po ito sa mga module nang ating mga guro.

As of this writing, Chu’s open letter has generated 2,348 reactions, 178 comments and 98 shares in just 3 hours and couting.


Source: KLC Happy Thoughts and Cellphone Repair

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