Netizens tells Manny Pacquiao to kiss presidential dream goodbye after Notre Dame denies granting college degree to senator

In the wake of the brouhaha surrounding Manny Pacquiao’s Political Science degree he boasted he worked hard for 11 years to earn it, the Notre Dame of Dadiangas University has finally spoken belying talks on social media it granted bachelor’s degree to the boxer turned senator.

According to the official document released by Notre Dame, which is now making the rounds on social media, Pacquiao officially enrolled during the academic year 2007-2008 for 2 semesters under the BSBA – Marketing Management program and earned 31 units mostly General Education subjects.

International relations expert and assistant professor in the Netherlands, Sass Rogando Sasot reposted the official doc from Notre Dame of Dadiangas University to welcome the official statement from Notre Dame -Dadiangas University and wrote the caption: “Ayun naman pala…”

Sasot was obviously happy with the latest turned out of events and at the same time, feeling vindicated that Notre Dame has ended its silence.

If you’d recall, she wrote in a previous post questioning Pacquiao’s claim that it took him 11 years to earn his BA Political Science degree. Sasot figured that Pacquiao must have counted his Notre Dame years plus the time he spent in UMAK to finish Political Science to arrive with 11 years claim. Sasot argued that Manny’s claim does not add up because when she checked Pacquiao’s school records in Notre Dame, he enrolled in BSBA -Marketing Management program, not PolSci as Manny claimed. Therefore Manny did not spend 11 years in school to earn the PolSci degree contrary to his claim.

As of this writing, Sasot’s FB post has generated a lot of engagement among her socmed followers, getting 8,636 reactions, 1,100+ comments and 1,00 shares in just 2 hours and growing fast.

Netizens wasted no time in giving an earful to Manny Pacquiao for having the nerve to claim he labored for 11 years to earn his PolSci degree when the facts say otherwise.

“Sooooooo anong pinagyayabang ni pacquiao? Nagaral sya ng 11yrs? Then wlang nkuhang diploma? Abay matinde 😅 sana manalo ka pa din sa laban mo pero paguwi mo dito pagtatawanan k nlng ng mga tao dito” an irate netizen barked at Pacquaio.

“Obviously manny’s NDDU education has nothing to do with his enrolled course in UMAK. He only earned a total of 31 units mostly gen ed subjects. And contrary to his claim that he studied poli sci for 11 years is totally a LIE 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Manny dont fool us… You used your influence (or money? ) to finish your course in 3months considering that the administrator of umak is your political ally(binays) that time.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 one disappointed netizen commented.

“Naka isang taon lang pala sya sa notre dame 1st year college lang, taliwas sa sinabi nyang naka 11 yrs sya. Tapos nagtapos sa U-Mak ng kursong political science sa loob lang ng 3 buwan. Kaloka tama si tatay digong sinungaling ka pakyaw,” remarked another netizen.

“When someone wants to be known as Jack of All Trades then in the end becomes Jack of Nothing” wrote this netizen.

In light of this development, this commenter wants Pacquiao to forget his presidential dream because he is simply not fit to become the next President aside from being a liar.

“Hinde corrupt si Pacman, but sinugaling Lang. Even you finished the bachelor degree Pacman, you aren’t the best person to be the president of the Philippines. Philippines needs real leader who has brain with experience in governance. We need a leader who can continue the good works of President Duterte. To be honest Pacman you have ideas. As a senator, your experience is not enough. You were absent most of the time. What have you done when you were in the senate?”


Source: For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot

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