Netizens, Thinking Pinoy slams Facebook fact checker Ellen Tordesillas for spreading ‘fake news’ on PRRD’s Hong Kong trip

Ironic! Facebook’s fact checker Ellen Tordesillas of the Vera Files website has been getting the flak on social media for spreading fake news on Twitter.

Here’s the thing!

Tordesillas was updating her followers on Twitter regarding President Duterte’s Hong Kong trip with photos.

Tordesillas’ photo appeared to be harmless.

However, her caption accompanying the photo raised the eyebrows of the Duterte supporters, including RJ Nieto aka Thinking Pinoy for imputing malice in Duterte’s Hong Kong short vacation, including a shopping side trip to Uniqlo.

Thinking Pinoy literally pinched Tordesillas’ ears with matching public tongue lashing for imputing malice on PRRD’s Hong Kong vacation.

If you read Tordesillas’ tweet once again, she said that President had his bodyguard walked around with wads of cash paying for the purchases of the Presidential party.


“Bundles of cash” ang drama ni Ellen Tordesillas pero sa Uniqlo Hong Kong & Macau lang namimili ang presidente.

HK$200 lang ang average price ng damit sa Uniqlo HK, pumapatak yon na PHP 1350 lang.

Filipino netizens who are based in Hong Kong angrily reacted at Tordesillas tweet, threw insults and slammed her spreading fake news.

So Ellen, ilang toneladang t-shirt ba ang pinakyaw ng presidente para magdala ng bigkis-bigkis na pera… o malisyosa ka lang talaga?

Wenz Mercado Ellen, where is the photo showing “bundles of cash” saan? Uniqlo is not really that expensive. Nkapag shopping ka na ba sa uniqlo? Try mo one time para di ka OA.

Aldo Receno Yuson It’s the equivalent of GAP in the US, and Bench here in the Philippines.

Even if you were paying for the whole party, what would you need a bundle of cash for? Ano yan, tigbe-bente?

Wends Cagape Did she have witnesses to back up her assumptions of this “bundles of cash”? Because is she dont then every sane Filipino here must file a case against her, for insinuating something she has no personal knowledge of.


What happens when the so-called “guardians of truth” are themselves purveyors of half-truths and malicious innuendos???

Mildred Yabut Sanchez Uniqlo is now my new store affordable with good quality you don’t need bundles of money for it! Fake news!!!

Rachelle Dominguez Mortiz Hahaha bundoe pf cash d b me batas n dpt $10k dollar cash lang tonta mo ellen tortillas kht san international law un not allowable to bring cash if u can used master card 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

Yvonne N Elicano Gaga ka Bakit Hindi ka namimili sa Uniqlo, gosh that’s a favorite of many shoppers!!! Since when is shopping a crime????? Sooooo shallow!!!!!

Elizabeth Woodberry What’s the big deal? Pang masa yang uniqlo hindi naman yan high end retailers in the likes of channels and what have you. Parang Zara, Gap,American eagle Aeropostale.

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