Netizens unite to defend President Duterte from Rappler’s latest attack re late in welcome ceremony of Astr@’s arrival

President Rodrigo Duterte arrived two-hour late yesterday to welcome the vaccine doses from the WHO/COVAX Facility.

And Rappler made sure the public knows President Duterte’s “tardiness” by sharing it on social media, as expected to put the President in a bad light.

The FB page VOVph spelled out Rappler’s mindset when crafting news: “Good news is boring. Focus on news that may destroy another person.”

Meanwhile, VOVph did not waste the opportunity to take a swipe at Rappler, saying the news website has been reduced to sharing screenshot photos, since they don’t have their source because they are not welcome.

But here’s the heartwarming part. Netizens who are obviously Duterte supporters came to the rescue of the President from Rappler’s attack.

One netizen wrote that President Duterte arrived late came because he came all the w3ay from Bulacan as per Usec. Mon Caluping’s post.

Because he came from Bulacan and Valenzuela to inaugurate new school buildings.Ctto .. Asec. Mon Cualoping

Another Bulakeno came to President Duterte’s defense.

“Pres. Duterte was in Bulakan, Bulacan this afternoon for the inauguration of the new school buildings in our town. During his speech ang sabi niya ay pupunta din siya sa Valenzuela City for another school building inauguration. He left the venue at 4:50 pm.Wala na nga pahinga sinisiraan pa. Mga Idiots!!!”

Meanwhile, another netizen offered another reason why Presidents come in at a different time contrary to the press release. “Lahat ng presidente ginagawa yan dahil na rin sa security protocol. Pagsinabing 9am, huwag kang expect anjan na yan”

To which another netizen agreed. “exactly. Dito rin pag magsabing magsasalita sa oras na ‘to si Pres. Macron, lalagpas talaga yan.”

“Yan na kasi ang trabaho ng kabila maninira at maninira sa taong may maraming nagawa. Tingnan mo si Lugaw parang walang pinagbago ang hitsura kasi wala masyadong gawa kundi ngawa lang ang alam,” reasoned another netizen.


Source: VOVph

Boring ang Good News.. Duon tayo sa ikasisira ng tao.. lol.. Ma Covid sana yung mukhang bayag at huwag bigyan ng…

Posted by VOVph on Thursday, March 4, 2021

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