Netizens up in arms in light of Ka Eric’s exposé re CPP-NPA-NDF extortion racket vs Telcos, gov’t infra projects?

Netizens are livid in light of the exposé of Ka Eric with regards to amount the NPA collected from local Telcos as revolutionary taxes, during the senate probe called by Senator Ping Lacson on the issue of red tagging.

One netizen commented that this is an abomination. That’s is why he wants to see the end of the communist groups whom he called “pahirap sa bayan” or dead weights.

“Kasuklam-suklam! tapusin na yang pahirap sa bayan ng mga CPP NPA NDF, para umasenso at matahimik na rehiyon sa Pinas!

Another netizen commented that this explains why Globe and Smart have exorbitant charges to their clients.

“Kaya mahal singil ng globe at smart pinapasa din kasi nila sa tao yung na extort sa knila ng NPA hay naku talaga”

This netizen recommended several steps the government or Congress must take in order to stop all the leakages.

“plug all the leakages.. stop the extortion activity; kick out the supporters sa Congress masked as legal fronts & under the umbrella organization of the CPP/NPA/ ties whatsoever. Ultimatum surrender, go back to fold of law or suffer the consequence. Stop the recruitment, the financing & brainwashing. Like corruption, malalim din ang CPP/NPA/NDF kabataan, kahirapan, magsasaka, mangingisda, katutubo, labor, titser at mismo sa loob ng gobyerno…nakakalat sila…lahat yan dapat linisin. Denounce CPP/NPA/NDF cut your ties.”

The OP replied in the comment section of his thread that Senator Sotto said something during the senate hearing the Telcos preferred to put up their towers inside military camps because they don’t want to pay revolutionary taxes.

“Senator Tito Sotto explains na kaya daw gusto ng mga Telcos na sa loob ng kampo ng militar ilagay ang infra nila ay dahil dito — hindi dahil gustong maniktik ng mga Chinese.”

So without further adieu, let us turn our attention to the FB post of netizen Jec Carillo below, to give us a good picture why netizens are up in arms after watching the senate hearing called by Senator Lacson to investigate the allegations of red tagging activity of the AFP.

Carillo wrote a perfect opening that shocked many netizens, who are apparently ignorant or haven’t heard or read that the NPA’s have been milking our Telcos.

“Ka Eric states, and backed up by Sen. Ping Lacson by saying it as “an open secret” that Smart and Globe give at least P300 million a year via extortion and collection of revolutionary tax. 2%-3% cut ng NPA sa lahat ng infrastructure galing sa contractors, at additional 10% sa ilang congressmen.

As per Ka Eric’s revelation, payments are done via bank remittance outside the country. Another shocking revelation was that infra projects of the government are prime targets of NPA extortion.

“Money transfer are done via bank remittance outside the PH,
The information are coming from projects from DPWH, nape-penetrate nila yung information dahil marami silang tao sa gobyerno, at hinuhuthutan nila ang mga nagtatayo ng infrasctructures.

Ka Eric talked how the extortion money are split up by the communist group.

“40% of the collection goes to the central committee, 60% goes to the regional committee. May napupunta din sa The Netherlands hindi bababa sa 50% ang nareremit kay Joma Sison.

Ka Eric claimed the CPP/NPA/NDF have managed to outfox AMLAC using a network of NGOs to funnel money from abroad, back to the communist group.

“The CPP-NPA/NDF are able to circumvent the Anti-Money Laundering Council because we are able to establish (a) web network of conduit NGOs that can channel funds amounting to P300-P400 Million coming from partners from ) Netherlands, Belgium, Europe, etc.”

  • Senate Committee Hearing on National Defense & Security, Peace, Unification and Reconciliation (November 3, 2020)


Source: Jec Carillo

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