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Netizens welcome BBM’s negative dr*g test result, starts guessing game what’s next black propaganda vs survey leader

Political blogger TPL3 was apparently ecstatic while sharing the good news to her followers that BBM just tested negative for cocaine use in response to President Duterte’s jab that a presidential candidate is a cocaine user.

In light of this piece of good news, TPL3 can’t resist the urge to poke fun at the BBM critics who were salivating at the prospect of BBM’s popularity in the surveys will evaporate to the Presidential allusion.

TPL3 ended the brief FB post by teaching BBM’s critics what issue to raise next against BBM.

You may now read TPL3’s original FB post.

Nka scoop si Ka Tunying Taberna with his interview with BBM.

BBM has already subjected himself to a drug test at St. Luke’s Hospital and submitted the medical result of his drug test at PDEA without media fanfare. Tahimik lang cya nag punta sa hospital at nagpa drug test yung sinasabing “spoiled brat”. Quiet lang.

And he has tested NEGATIVE of illegal substance use/abuse. End of story.

O, sa mga Pinklawans na tinatawag si BBM na “solid snort” at dun sa mga PURE DDS ONLY na nagpapa KALAT sa mga GCs na may video footage DAW silang hawak na humihithit si BBM ng cocaine, PAANO NA? Negative drug test ni BBM. So, ikot-ikot na naman mga pwet nyo gawa new kwento?

In fairness, pwede na ninyo na gamitin yung narrative na CLONE cya. Gooooo! Daliiiiii!

Netizens joined TPL3 in poking fun at BBM’s critics as shown in their comments below.

Peneke na nman dw sabi ng mga robredoogs, commented a netizen.

Clone na ang next.. Hahahahahaha pahiya ang bully. Bleehhhhh kailan kaya magpa drug test ung Presidente ng Vietnam at Presidente bg india?  chimed in another netizen.

Wait lang daw TPL papaikotin ulit nila yung roleta ng script kung anong issue naman ibabato nila, baka balik muna sila sa oxford diploma, ill gotten wealth, mamamatay tao, magnanakaw, sinungaling, not filing of tax,  added another netizen.

This netizen can’t help but wonder if President Duterte and BBM camp were just taking the Opposition for a ride.

Ewan ko lang ha. Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist/Digong apologist, pero yun mga binabato ni Digong kay BBM ay parang mga blank bullets. First was the communist supporter daw. Wala naman maniniwala dun, kahit mga Pinaklawan, di maniniwala. The cocaine user na quickly debunked with a simple drug test, at wala din naman talaga maniniwala dun. Next was incompetent daw na quickly pinabulaanan ni Sara. With emphasis pa nga sa competency ni BBM.So mapapaisip ka talaga, inaaway ba talaga ni Digong o may iba silang agenda?


Source: TPL3

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