Netizens welcome President Duterte telling water concessionaires to return money they took from the public first before they talk

According to various news outlets, President Duterte might consider talking to the water concessionaires but with one condition – return the money they had collected from its clients under the allegedly “onerous” contracts with the government.

“Give us back the money, give it back to the people, and maybe we can talk about solving your problem,” the President told the water firms.

However, if you asks netizen blogger Noel Landero Sarifa, he would rather want to see the government wrest back control of the water distribution and end the suffering of the people.

Of course, Sarifa said he will support whatever President Duterte’s next move with regards to water concessionaires’ issue.

Go lang Tatay, much better if government-owned na lang, and please give us clean drinking water, sinasadya nilang marumi para makapagbenta sila ng mineral water, doble kita, doble pahirap sa bayan.

If you’d recall, the President had earlier criticized the water distributors for collecting fees for a sewage treatment plant but they did not deliver their part of the bargain, including producing clean water.

Previously, the President had rejected an international court order to pay Maynilad and Manila Water over P10.8 billion as compensation for losses the water concessionaires incurred due to the denied rate increases.

Sarifa recalled that last month, Duterte said he would order the cancellation of the water distributors’ existing concessions and the “nationalization of water services” in their respective areas should they reject a new contract from the government.

So how did netizens react to Noel Landero Sarifa’s proposal to President Duterte?

This netizen appeared to agree with Sarifa, that the water distribution is better off when the government controls Maynilad and Manila Water.

“Good idea Mr President. im in full support of your every move. u are always one step ahead of the oligarchs or yellows or liberals or oppositions.ur one of a kind.”

Another netizen agreed with the idea of a government takeover of the water companies. “Mas maganda kung govt owned lahat yan pati kuryente pra may mnanagot kapag nagka abirya.”

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Source: Noel Sarifa

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