Never before seen video footage of the Philippines circa 1920’s

Philippines circa 1920’s

No wonder, the Philippines is called Pearl of the Orient Seas. Judging by the video footage taken in the 1920’s, the Philippines is one the centers of commerce in Asia.

Manila is once called the Paris of the Orient due to the charming old buildings and structures left behind by the Spaniards.

When the Americans took over the islands from the Spaniards, it continued putting up beautiful structures that are still standing today. Unfortunately, many old buildings from our historic past are crumbling demolished and neglected by its own people. Sad!

The Philippines was once the number one exporters of an array of agricultural products like sugar, copra, rice and Manila hemp and many others.

Life was simpler then. People have jobs on the farm. No one is idle including kids who are strong enough to work during non-school days.

Women are busy in the copra industry

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The rivers were the busiest highways then. Goods and people travel by boat since it was convenient and faster to move around from place to place. The rivers were also cleaner then. No factories yet that pollutes the streams.

coconut raft

coconut raft

No promo sales yet from the airlines at that time. People from other countries travel by boat. If you are an American, you spend 20 days at sea to cross the Pacific and reach Manila.

But when World War 2 came to the archipelago, the country was in turmoil for several years as the people resisted the Japanese occupiers.

When liberation came, the old buildings and structures that crowned Manila as the Paris of the Orient did not escape the wrath of American and Japanese bombs; Manila was flattened by the warring countries. When the war was over, Filipinos were left to rebuild the city. But it was never the same.

You may watch the video and see how beautiful our country was, a long long time ago.

Throback Pilipinas

1920's educational video of the Philippine Islands from the ports to the city to the farm provinces.

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