New evidence suggests 240 million peso midnight deal in Comelec claims Atty. Chiong

In February 2, 2015, Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes entered into contract with Smartmatic for the repairs and diagnostics of 82,000 PCOS machines.

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Based on newspaper reports, the said agreement cost the government 240 million pesos.

At first glance, there is nothing unusual in the agreement, correct?

“Not so fast,” says Atty. Glenn Chiong.

The agreement was done without the benefit of public bidding to the disadvantage of the government who foot the bill.

The negotiated contract was rushed February 2015 on the basis that time is not a luxury to finish the repairs of 82,000 PCOS machines after failed biddings in time for the May 2016 election.

The midnight deal was signed by then Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes and two other retiring Commissioners in the persons of Tagle at Yusoph.

However, an email from the executive of Dominion Voting Systems on September 29, 2015 says, if Smartmatic give them the permission to do the diagnostics and repairs of the PCOS machines, we are willing and capable.

“If Smartmatic were to permit Dominion (Voting Systems) to complete the necessary maintenance and repairs of the PCOS we are capable and willing.”

According to Atty. Chiong, Dominion Voting Systems is barred from doing the necessary repair unless Smartmatic permits them as per contract they signed with Smartmatic.

Atty. Chiong asked that if the Dominion Voting Systems says it can do the job 8 months after Comelec signed the deal with Smartmatic without public bidding, why did the Comelec made it appear that time was not on their side?

He ended his post by asking his readers if the negoated contract, “Has this something to do with the pabaon for the Comelec retirees?”

By the way, Atty. Chiong claimed he has a copy of the said email from Dominion Voting System.

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Source: Atty. Glenn Chiong


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