News of Baste’s withdrawal from Davao City VM race thrills netizens, sparks new round of speculation Sara Duterte is running for President or VP

What appears to be a boring Monday turned out to be a heart-stopping day for many Duterte supporters after news report greeted netizens on Facebook that Baste Duterte withdraws his vice mayoralty bid upon the instruction of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte.

Radio host and socmed influencer Mark Lopez was one of the firsts among pro-Duterte microbloggers to make a brief comment regarding the breaking news and inevitably sparked the speculation game among his FB followers, who are mostly Duterte supporters.

On Facebook, Lopez asked:

Nakupo… eto na kaya?

Is he now going to run for Mayor of Davao?

If so, ano na itatakbo ni Mayor Inday Sara Duterte?

As of this writing, Lopez’s FB post has generated 7,800+ reactions, 1000 comments and 582 share sin just 2 hours and counting.

Netizens offered their own theory as to what will happen next as shown in the comments below.

Basty will run as Mayor na. And Mayor Inday Sara Duterte will run as VP.

To which another netizen replied: Ok lang din mag VP si Inday. For sure the opposition are already planning to impeach BBM since it seems its sure na he will win.. so Inday running for VP it will deter the opposition from impeaching BBM kasi si Inday ang kapalit niya lol

Sara for PRESÌDENT..lets get goin..👊👊💚💚💚, commented another Duterte supporter.

sarah not running for presidential but vp😁😁😁🤫🤫, replied a netizen.

Vice Pres. As she’s always denied na d sya tatakbo as Pres. So VP sya. OMG. Wala na. Finished na. Wala ng election2x. Announcement na kaagad. 😅🇵🇭❤️💚 this sentiment is echoed by another netizen.

For the sake of the country for unity, peace and progress. Mayor Sarah should heed the call of her countrymen, RUN FOR VP, commented another.

D momentum for bbm s already sara as vp will strengthen both their position, argued another commenter.

Let me end this post by sharing incisive analysis by another netizen.

hindi sa ayaw ko ki inday as president, pero di kayo nag iisip na maging matagal sya sa pwesto, 6 years is too short! kung 6 years as VP, medyo trained na sya halos sa national governance, tapos mag president sya sa 2028 so another 6 years sya sa national government. pag isipan nyo, at sana sa loob ng 12 years nya maipasa na ang Federalism. saka hindi nman sila magkaaway ni BBM, allied sila. Yan ang maganda magkasundo ang President at ang VP. Kesa pag awayin nyo ang malaking supporters ni inday sa 2028 ay ang Solid North. Isip ng logical possibilities, hindi sa gusto nyo lang, dapat may plans at strategies


Source: Mark Lopez

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