News5 radio host|lawyer chides Yorme Isko Moreno for bragging finding shortcomings of fellow Mayors not his style

“PAGKUKULANG?” This is the initial reaction of TV5 radio host and former San Beda College of Law professor Atty. Bruce Rivera to the social media graphic from News5 bannering Yorme Isko Moreno’s statement which you may read below for context purposes.

Atty. Rivera sort of agree with Yorme Isko that indeed it is not his style to point out the shortcomings of other local execs or leaders.

“Hindi ugali ni Yorme ang pagtuturo ng pagkukulang ng iba.”

However, Atty. Rivera also pointed out that Yorme Isko also likes to post on social media to publicize everything he does, even nonsense things. Isn’t this his way of showing to the public what others aren’t doing? Atty. Rivera asked.

“Pero yung lahat ng ginagawa mo kahit yung walang kwenta naka post at may publicity. Di ba, pinapakita mo ang hindi nagagawa ng iba sa paraan na ito.”

Atty. Rivera asked how come Yorme Isko is noisier than Mayor Zamora of San Juan when he has vaccinated almost the entire population?

“Bakit mas maingay ka pa kay Zamora ng San Juan sa bakuna kahit halos natarget na nila ang buong city?”

Atty. Rivera reasoned that Yorme wants to brag his achievements and to make people think he is the only one doing it when on the contrary it isn’t true.

“Kasi, pinagsisigawan mo ang nagawa mo at aakalain ng iba na ikaw lang ang may ginagawa.”

Atty. Rivera argued that many mayors in Mindanao who are also doing their jobs sans the fanfare. He said the job of a mayor in Mindanao is twice or even thrice the hardship because they also have to deal with the CPP-PNA who are killing the livelihood of its constituents. He said making Davao City safe us harder when your call NPA and Abus Sayyaffs as your neighbors.

“Pero ang daming mayor sa Mindanao na ginagawa din ang mga trabaho nila. Pero hindi maingay. Mas mahirap maging mayor sa mga lugar na may terrorista at NPA na pinapatay ang kabuhayan ng mamayan. Mas mahirap gawing safe ang Davao City kung kapitbahay ang Abu Sayyaff at CPP/NPA.”

“Pero safe ang Davao. At wala kang narinig na ingay sa mayor nila,” Atty. Rivera beamed with pride while saying this line.

Bruce Villafuerte Rivera


Source: Atty. Bruce Rivera

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