Nic Faeldon accuses Drilon, Sotto of asking “special” requests from him, which he deemed illegal. That’s why he turned them down!

The saying “old but gold” rings true, in light of the Faeldon brouhaha.

During a senate hearing on January 2018 when Nic Faeldon was the BoC head, he was invited to shed light on the corruption issues hounding the agency.

During that hearing, Faeldon divulged what could have been two explosive information that if it concerned the Dutertes and for sure a headliner in primetime TV or in our local newspapers.

But before dropping the b0mb, Faeldon apologized for talking about what he deemed irregularities by accusing two incumbent senators behind their backs but he will named them in his expose in the spirit of transparency.

First, Faeldon revealed that Senator Drilon as early as 2016, the senator requested to meet with him here at the Senate, twice.

Drilon, according to Faeldon asked him to sign an MOA between the BOC and the Office of Chairperson Ma. Serena I. Diokno,. chairperson of National Historical Commission of the PH, agreeing that the BOC, the Customs house in Iloilo will be renovated using funds that was allocated by Senator Drilon to the NHCP and after the renovation, it will converted into a museum and the BOC will just occupy the 3rd floor of the building.

Faeldon said Drilon insisted that he will be signing that MOA, twice when he attended that meeting. On the third, Faeldon said, he forcibly change the provisions of the MOA and signed it. He never acceded to the request, citing bad experience of the BoC,

Faeldon was referring to the Cebu experience of the BoC during the time of PGMA wherein the building it owned was converted into the Malacanang of the South, which until today the BoC employees are housed in a condemned building.

Faeldon said the BoC does not want a repeat of their bad experience which he thinks isn’t right. In addition, he doesn’t want to compromise the interest of the BoC.

In the second meeting, Faledon recalled Diokno was also present.

Faeldon reckoned why Drilon and Diokno were insisting on the MOA because the funds has been released for that purpose. Otherwise, the money will be reverted back to the National Treasury.

Second senator that requested from him, which Faeldon believed was illegal, was the request of Senator Sotto.

According to Faeldon, as early as 2016, personally he asked him to appoint one official at the BoC as Director of Intelligence.

Faeldon narrated that Sotto met him twice, which he said he cannot say yes or no immediately. Faeldon recalled telling Sotto that he’ll see what he can do. So interviewed that official.

“Ilang taon ka na dito sa Customs? Sabi po nya (Eric Albano) 42 years na ako Sir.” Faeldon remembered uttering to himself that Sotto’s recommendation was okay because it was a veteran.

His follow-up question, according to Faeldon almost felled him from his seat. “Eh boss sa 42 years, na po bang nahuli nyo empleyado ng Customs na involved sa corruption?”

“Sir wala pa po akong alam.”

Faeldon said these requests are illegal when you insists on recommending of such officials that are incompetent.

Faeldon said he told Senator Sotto politely that he cannot accede to his request.

You may watch the video below now.

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