Ninoy Aquino fan sends nasty message to Kris Aquino: “Do not commercialize Ninoy’s heroism, use it to gain attention, you cheapen it!

For the nth time, Ms. Kris Aquino was her usual self, reminded the public on social media that we owe our freedom to their family, for the sacrifice of her parents.

A combative Kris Aquino took the opportunity to greet his Dad Ninoy a happy father’s day while at the same time hitting their critics whom she accused of spreading black propaganda against her parents.

Kris said that she is what is now because of the sacrifice her Dad Ninoy gave and the strength of her Mom Cory.

Kris also told critics to go ahead, continue the black propaganda against the Aquino family.

She said the Aquino’s cannot be cowed because they are cowards unlike the critics whom she described keyboard warriors.

While Kris A’s latest tirade that coincided with Father’s Day has been well received by Aquino supporters, but not everyone is pleased with the constant reminder from Kris.

Environmental activist and lawyer Cheryl L. Daytec-YaƱgot, a self-confessed Ninoy Aquino admirer, could hide her disappointment with the younger Kris whom she accused using her parents sacrifices for her benefit.

In an open letter, Cheryl told Kris to watch his father’s old clips on Youtube, perhaps she could learn a thing or two from her Dad whom she described as full of wisdom.

Cheryl also told Kris that the Filipinos don’t owe the Aquino family and every time Kris makes “sumbat” to Filipinos, she is trivializing the sacrifices of her parents. Ouch!

Cheryl also remarked that Ninoy did not expect to get repaid or the Filipinos will repay his family for what he did for the country. Otherwise, it is no longer sacrifice.

Cheryl also hits Kris penchant for bragging her luxury bags on social media because it is ostentatious. It is a social crime! It is insensitive to the poor people, who some of them work for their Hacienda and yet they still live in poverty.

Cheryl also told Kris to stop bragging about EDSA because it was not about her. It was supposed to be about change. Ironically, change did not come and the people continue to suffer except for the few who weren’t there like her mother Cory but greatly benefited it.

Anyway, you may read the full text of open letter below.


Dear Ms. Kris Aquino,

I came to admire your father from the stories I heard from my parents who lionized him. When Ninoy Aquino was killed, my older sister Bettina Daytec got depressed. To this day, she keeps mementos of the 80s’ JAJA Campaign. I watched some of Ninoy’s interviews accessible from YouTube. One of my favorites is his interview with the 700 Club. He was so articulate, so intelligent, so human, so full of wisdom. I hope you watched that. You could have picked up a lesson or two from him about loving others as you love yourself.

We know that Ninoy sacrificed for Filipinos. And you belittle that sacrifice every time you throw it back to our faces like we owe you. We don’t owe you.

When your father came home from exile in the United States, he was fully aware he could die. He was warned not to return to this country where threats to his life were lurking in every corner. He faced that head on. He was shot in the tarmac. Many times, as you painfully remind us. Before that, he fought a tyrant as hard as he could. Others said he had an agenda which was to become President himself. But my parents always believed it was his love for the people that impelled him to resist Marcos. If he wanted to become President, it was to make life less harsh for the poor.

Not once did Ninoy Aquino demand that he be paid back or that we pay you back for what he did for us. That is why it is called sacrifice. That is why he is called a hero. Heroes will step on burning coals, throw their bodies to the railroad tracks to be crushed by a speeding train, or step on landmines. They are ready and willing to die or be killed if that means saving the greater number for the greater good, without expecting anything-not even remembrance – in return.

What Ninoy Aquino did was no small thing; it was huge. Ms Aquino, when you whine about his selfless acts with that complaining tone, you trivialize his ultimate expression of love for the Filipino who, to him, was worth dying for.

There were people who were nameless and faceless who trod the same if not more thorny trajectory your father took. Although largely unknown and unrecognized, they were heroes like your father. We do not hear their children–yes, I know some of them – brandish what their parents did with the language of people who seem to think they are entitled just because of their parents’ heroism.

Ninoy Aquino, the father, is yours. Ninoy Aquino, the hero, is ours. We have the right to defend the hero from people like you who invoke his sacrifices for their self-seeking campaigns or their insatiable desire for attention despite their immense popularity.

Ninoy, as far as I read from narratives of the people who co-existed with him, sought to curb the stranglehold of the oligarchy over the destiny of the poor and the marginalized. From his example, I learned that we should not brag about our signature bags and wealth and say since we worked hard, we are entitled to them. In a country of very poor people, bragging about one’s opulence is ostentatious. It is a social crime! And it is insensitive to people of the proletariat, some of whom work very hard in your family’s Hacienda Luisita , and yet still live below the poverty line. So unlike the landlords whose riches expand from proletarian blood and sweat, even if they themselves do not work hard or do not work at all.

Ms. Aquino, try to honor your father’s heroism by joining the struggle to fight unjust socio-economic structures that concentrate wealth in the hands of a few oligarchs, leaving a large majority of the Filipinos hungry. Do not come back to us with the amount of taxes you pay. Even the poor pay. It is good to remember the story of that widow who may have given to the poor way, way less than what the rich man gave. However, she gave her all while the rich man merely gave a pittance of his wealth. Besides, you should pay your taxes because it is the legal and moral thing to do. Do not expect commendation for it.

Do not boast that in spite of the still-unresolved murder of Ninoy, your family remained in the Philippines. That is not unique to your family, Ms. Aquino. Many others suffered under the Reign of Terror. They stayed and, to this day, remain active in the struggle for social change. They stayed even if the socio-economic system operates against their interest. Your family stayed and two members rose to power to strengthen this system your father, our hero, fiercely fought against. You benefited and are still benefiting from the system, as everyone who is a member of the landed elite is. Needless to express, you became the Ms Kris Aquino because you stayed. In a parallel universe, you might not have achieved your current fame and fortune. Staying for you was never sacrifice.

Do not brag to us about EDSA. That was not supposed to be about you. It was supposed to be about change. Very sadly, it failed to ease the struggle for revolutionary change so that inequity would be drastically reduced. Although many of those who were on EDSA (and I understand your mother was not there just like many others who benefited from it) were hopeful for social change, it turned out to be merely a ceremony to herald the changing of the guards of oligarchic interests. After EDSA, the oligarchy’s control of the economy got even stronger. Change is now more difficult to achieve.

The path to social change is not as wide as EDSA but is more challenging. You may donate to charity and still not be a contributor to the struggle for change. So be a Ninoy instead. Be like some of the artists of the people who do not have your popularity but are still always ready to lend their voices and celebrity to the cause of the poor and marginalized, who make movies and talk to promote class consciousness.

Do not commercialize Ninoy’s heroism. Do not use it to gain attention. Do not invoke his bravery as a weapon in your fight with other personalities. You cheapen it. His courage is not your courage. He exhibited courage in fighting a formidable tyrant, and in trying to flatten a well-entrenched structure of injustice. Yours seems to be reserved to fight ASec Mocha —not in the name of the poor and defenseless but in the name of your drive to put your name on the lips of every Filipino, even if you are already the most popular showbiz personality in this country.

From an admirer of Ninoy Aquino who is not an admirer of Noynoy Aquino.

You may watch Kris’ video below.

PANOORIN | Kris Aquino may banat sa mga anti-AQUINO at sa mga ANTI-DILAWAN. Ano ang masasabi niyo sa pahayag niya?

PANOORIN | Kris Aquino may banat sa mga anti-AQUINO at sa mga ANTI-DILAWAN. Ano ang masasabi niyo sa pahayag niya?

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