No one’s undermining the need for competent, unbiased, non-partisan state auditors —Duterte supporter reacts to Ping Lacson’s tweet

A brief open letter addressed to Ping Lacson in reaction to the senator’s “Imagine a country without state auditors… kanya kanyang kupit, kanya kanyang kurakot” tweet has been making the rounds on Facebook.

The author, MJ Quimbao Reyes, a staunch Duterte supporter, told Lacson that no one is downplaying the need for state auditors.

In fact, Reyes said the public only wants COA to be independent, unbiased, consistent etc. all the nice qualities that makes an excellent state auditor.

Reyes lamented that before Duterte, it will take COA several years to start the audit and finish and release the audit reports.

Reyes cited the example of the anomalous MRT deals in 2012 which COA started the auditing in 2017. The same thing happened to the pork barrel scam that occurred between the periods of 2010-2014. The 2014 COA audit report only covered the 2007-2009. You may click the link to read the news article regarding Reyes’ claim.

Lately, Reyes noted that COA is very active. Just like Lacson. In the time of Duterte, everything related to the government are accelerating, very noisy and “very concerned”.

Compared in the past, COA today, even in the middle of the pandemic, they are very quick to flag and release the info albeit incomplete. The next thing we know, the incomplete audit reports from COA are already the headlines of the local media, feasted on, the talk of the town in different elements in our society.

As of this writing, Reyes’ post has generated 2,400+ reactions, 298 comments and 319 shares and counting.


No one’s undermining the need for competent, unbiased, non-partisan state auditors. All we want is for them to be really independent, unbiased, non-partisan, competent, consistent, objective, and not selective.

#BEFOREDUTERTE, took them several years bago masimulan, matapos, at ma-release mga audit reports. e.g. Anomalous MRT deals in 2012 sinimulan lang ng 2017. Pork barrel scam ng 2010-2014 di rin agad lumabas. 2014 report only covered 2007-2009 🙄Ganun kabagal. Noon.

Ngayon, ambibibo na. Parang ikaw. Talaga naman! Sa panahon ni Duterte, lahat bumibilis, umiingay, at nagiging “concerned”. 😆🤭

Ngayon, kahit nasa gitna pa tayo ng pandemya, ang agap agap na ng COA mag flag at release ng info. Di pa man tapos ang reports, nasa headline na ng lamestream media at SINAKYAN na ng mga samu’t saring elemento like you 🤭


Source: MJ Reyes

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