No Voter’s ID, no enrollment policy in Makati exposed, netizens lambast discriminatory policy

A video exposing the allegdly ‘unusual’ school admission policy in Makati is doing the rounds online.

Makati school admission scandal

In a Facebook post shared by Mocha Uson, the video purportedly shows a Makati resident inquiring from the school security guard of a public school somewhere in Makati City regarding the requirements for admission.

The 53-second video did not show the security guard explicitly stating that the parents of an enrollee must be a registered voter in the city, but based on the flow of the conversation, it appears the security guard just said the no voter’s ID policy prior to the recorded video.

In fairness to VP Binay, the video was taken recently and it is common knowledge that the Makati Mayor is no longer a Binay but Kid Pena, an LP member that assumed after Junjun Binay was suspended by the Ombudsman.

Netizens Reaction:

Jinky Cubillan Anderson:

So whats the connect of education and Voting?! Halatang corrupt eh Mga gago gnyan kau sa makati!! #DUTERTE2016 (What is the connection between education and voting? Obviously corrupt. You are all fools in Makati!)

Emorej Soled Seyer Seladra:

It appears voter’s ID is now a requirement to go to school. Wow!

Jovanz Catilcong Lentic:

It should be the Postal ID not the Voter’s ID….What kind of policy do they have there?

Peter Grave:

I guess, this is not the Philippines. There should be equal treatment because after all, we are all Filipinos. How about our freedom, has it disappeared? The Binays are indeed one of a kind!.


NO VOTER'S ID NO EDUCATION IN MAKATI? Ganito ba talaga sa MAKATI? Wala bang karapatan mag-aral ang bata kung walang voter's ID ang mga magulang? Ano pong klaseng batas ito? Ano na naman po kaya ang sagot ng mga Binay tungkol dito?FYI, matagal na po itong nangyayari sa Makati bago pa naging acting mayor si Kid Pena.

Posted by MOCHA USON BLOG on Thursday, February 11, 2016

If indeed the allegation is true, the claims of VP Binay in his TV ads that education is free in Makati is nothing but a hogwash.

Let’s wait and see for the Makati residents to belie the allegation of the video uploader.

As of this writing, there is no word yet from the camps of VP Binay in response to the allegation.

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