Nobel Peace Prize for President Rodrigo Duterte? That’s a possibility, said a geo-political expert

In 2014, the bright boys of Pnoy floated the idea of then President Aquino getting a nomination for a Nobel Peace prize due to the signing of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) during his term. [Philstar]

However, the BBL which Pnoy’s rahrah boys thought would be the vehicle to launch his nomination for the prestigious Nobel Peace prize was derailed when the senate led by BBM shot it down. And the rest they say is history.

Fast forward today, the BOL or Bangsamoro Organic Law has just been signed by Pres. Duterte and if things move forward as planned, the Bangsamoro people’s aspiration of autonomy is within their grasp and herald an era of peace in greater Mindanao.

Of course, credit will go to Duterte and pundits couldn’t help but fancy of having a Filipino in the person of President Duterte bags the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize.

What is more awe-inspiring is that no less than a foreigner raised the idea that President Duterte could win the Nobel Peace Prize? Not just merely nominated but winning it all?

Adam Garrie, director at online think tank Eurasiafuture, gave weight to the signing of the BOL, which would usher peace in the troubled Mindanao as his basis for fancying a Nobel Peace Prize for the Philippine president.

Note how the United Nations and the European Union have praised PRRD after the BOL was signed into law.

“By working to end a centuries-long protracted and manifold conflict through a combination of legal intensity, cultural compassion and human outreach towards the Moros, Duterte has taken a major step towards doing something that the Spanish and American imperialists, Japanese occupiers and previous Filipino leaders could not do: bring peace to the Bangsamoro region and the Moro people.”

Here’s how the Duterte supporters received the news of a possible Nobel Peace Prize for PRRD.

Nomar Noyab

“Pag nangyari at natuloy ang award ni PRRD to receive the Nobel Peace Prize Award…..laglag lahat ang buhok ni panot at hagulhol sa iyak ang mga dilaw at oligarchs…NPA will deteriorate and joman will diminish like a bubbles and no where to go.”

Junior Capendit

“Tiyak iiyak at mag deliryo ang mga YELLOW pag mangyayari Ito, pustahan tayo.”

Rio Saga

Yes, he deserved the award. He earned to be honor for the Filipino people the elusive peace

Priscila Torrontegui

Maganda yan bakit maganda performance ni pangulo PRRD kya dapat lang cia parangalan .mamatay cila sa inggit bow.

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