Noel Sarifa says SEA Games opening symbolizes Filipino unity, rise of Cauldron signifies downfall of the Opposition? What do you think?

While critics of the Duterte administration are drowning in sorrow in the wake of the successful SEA Games opening program, the supporters of President Duterte are still drunk with the success of yesterday’s event.

So drunk that netizen blogger Noel Landero Sarifa was inspired to put into words what was the successful SEA Games opening meant to him and perhaps to the rest of the supporters of President Duterte.

In a Facebook post, Sarifa waxes poetic and shared his interpretation of the SEA Games opening.

Sarifa said the SEA Games opening showed the world that Filipinos are united, though a few don’t buy this. Lol.

The rise of the Cauldron, when it was built, meant the downfall of the critics and the lighting of torch signified the burning of their smear campaigns to ashes.

The uproar of the Filipinos versus the Opposition’s black propaganda showed our patriotic fervor that anyone who try to destroy it will not get the support of all patriotic Filipinos.

The cheers of crowd whenever the camera catches a glimpse of Duterte is proof Filipinos love Duterte.

The joy and heartwarming emotion that evoked the sense of pride of being a Pinoy lingers a bit longer.

The spectacular show yesterday showed we are world class, Filipinos can afford to be world class, opposite of what the Opposition told the world that we are poor yet extravagant. Sarifa said this is ironic because the Opposition does not call it extravagance when they spent billions in anomalous, corrupt and unfinished projects. Now, we know that we can spend people’s money for the people not for any politicians’ gain. If we have a good leader, we have great outcomes.

Sarifa said the Opposition are known for spreading fake news since the election campaign and put that talent once again to undermine the SEA Games, but once again, just like in the election (2016), we emerged victorious over the Opposition.

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The Sea Games Opening is a great manifestation that majority of the Filipino is United.

That the Rise of the Cauldron is the Down Fall of the Opposition, the lighting of torch is the burning of their smear campaign to ashes.

That the uproar of the Filipino people manifest patriotism, that we love our country, enough to disregard black propaganda.

The cheers of the crowd whenever the camera capture our President, proves that Filipino loves Duterte.

The Joy and Heartwarming Emotional Moment of being proud Pinoy, lingers till the very end of our nerves.

The spectacular show, shows that we are world class, that Filipino can afford to be world class, not what the opposition instill in our mind that we are poor, that its just too extravagant, but it not too extravagant for them to spend billions in anomalous, corrupt and unfinished projects. Now we know that we can spend peoples money for the people not politicians bank account. That if we have a good leader we have great outcome.

Like before the campaign they started mudslinging Duterte, and before SEA Games started, they do what they are good at, creating fake news to topple the administration. But Alas same during election! We end up victorious! Duterte, Filipino, Pilipinas We Win As One!

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Source: Noel Landero Sarifa

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