Non-lawyer netizen makes short work in busting point raised by 2019 Bar topnotcher on Twitter vs Duterte admin

So mainstream media’s new poster girl, 2019 Bar topnotcher Ms. Mae Diane Azores has been quoted once again, particularly by News5Digital via her recent tweet taking a swipe at President Duterte, who said that the plan of the government was to wait out until a vaccine arrives?

Atty. Azores remarked on Twitter that this plan is like waiting indefinitely for a miracle to happen.

On that note, one of our “suki” DDS bloggers named Tio Moreno has taken to Facebook to defend President Duterte from the impertinent remark of Ms. Mae Diane Azores.

“Inaasa nalang talaga natin sa vaccine?” This is the opening salvo of Tio Moreno to open his long rebuttal to Atty. Azores’ tweet.

‘YES YOUR HONOR!’ Moreno, in a mocking tone, replied that the government’s plan is to wait for the arrival of the vaccine.

Moreno informed Ms. Azores, in case she isn’t, that the government has already set in motion the plan she was demanding via the IATF. He asked then where was she when the BAYANIHAN TO HEAL AS ONE ACT was enacted?

‘The government has already set in place the policies by the IATF. Resolutions were even made available for public consumption. I don’t know if you’ve read all of those, but your honor where are you when the BAYANIHAN TO HEAL AS ONE ACT was enacted?’

Moreno joked if Atty. Azores was asleep when the government rolled out the billion-peso program to help out Filipinos during the outbreak.

‘Did you sleep when the 275B was rolled out to help out the Filipino citizens on this coronavirus outbreak?’

Moreno went on to update Atty. Azores the various programs of the different government agencies and citing figures to give her and fellow critics a picture of what the government has done so far.

The National Government has also embarked on the biggest social financial aid program in history.
📍DSWD: Social Amelioration Program
📍DTI: Loans to MSMEs, moratorium on rentals
📍DOF: Small Business Wage Subsidy, moratorium on loan payments
📍DA: Loans to agricultural sector

Are you aware that the government launched the PUBLIC-PRIVATE TASK FORCE T3 (test, trace, and treat) to significantly extend RT-PCR testing capacity? The reason why we have overtaken South Korea and Japan in terms of testing per population.

In line with that they also have procured and distributed the following:
– Coveralls: 1,685,661
– Face masks: 9,287,550
– Gowns: 1,644,123
– KN95 masks: 1,629,640
– N95 masks: 459,024
– Face shield: 1,107,011
– Gloves: 3,607,470
– Goggles: 940,623
– Non-invasive ventilators: 74
– Head caps: 1,744,855
– Thermal Scanners: 3,066
– Aprons: 742,600
– Sanitation tents: 10

And since SARS Outbreak in 2003, previous admins did not care to boost our health care system & medical infra, this government was able to build facilities in just few months that have
– Total bed capacity as of June 21: 13,108
– ICU beds: 1,298 (34% occupied)
– Isolation beds: 8,802 (37% occupied)
– Ward beds: 3,008 (35% occupied)
– Mechanical ventilators: 1,941 (19% occupied)

Moreno clarified that the figures may have changed because of the dynamics of the virus but the government isn’t resting on its laurels and continue reacting to the changing situation.

‘These figures may have changed now because the number of positive cases has been obviously increasing and our gov’t continues to build medical facilities as well.’

Moreno lamented that despite the government tapping the services of the AFP and the PNP to ensure the lockdowns are strictly observed, but still still, there were a few who defied the measure to prevent the spread of the virus.

‘The government already tapped the PNP to safeguard lockdowns and asked help from AFP to restrict mobility to lessen contagion, but still rallies and protests are everywhere.’

Moreno informed Atty. Azores that he will now rest his case, believing he has said enough to defend the government from her criticism.

‘With that in mind your honor, we believe that the government has done its part and that is to ensure resources will be available both for the citizens and frontliners in the middle of pandemic.’

‘Your honor, what can save people from COVID19 is their adherence to quarantine protocols, plus the availability of the VACCINE. Yes your honor, we are indefinitely waiting for a MIRACLE to happen because miracles come true,’ Moreno added.

Moreno wrapped up his FB post by challenging the 2019 bar topnotcher to share her suggestions or recommendations to address covid19 crisis.

‘And I heard you’re a BAR TOPNOTCHER, I hope you can give out better suggestions or recommendations to address COVID19 crisis.’

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Source: Tio Moreno

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