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“NON SEQUITUR” — Lawyer on Leni Robredo’s explanation netizens criticized only her looks not the message

When sought for comment on criticism following her “address to the nation”, Leni Robredo said she was happy that the criticism centered on her looks. She reasoned it could only mean that her message was spot on, which she said is more important. Because what she said were indeed recommendations.

On Facebook, our favorite lawyer and blogger Atty. Nick Nañgit noted Robredo’s reaction.

‘Sabi ni Mema, dahil pinuna lang daw ang hitsura niya, ibig sabihin hindi na raw pinuna ang sinabi niya.’

Atty. Nick called Robredo’s statement “NON SEQUITUR” which is one of the types of fallacy and explained why he called it a such.

‘Ang tawag diyan sa pahayag niya e NON SEQUITUR na isang fallacy. Ibig sabihin sa wikang Ingles, IT DOES NOT FOLLOW.’

Atty. Nick remarked that Robredo was wrong to say that her looks drew flak rather than what she said because as far as he was concerned, many netizens criticized her “address to the nation”. Atty. Nick described Robredo’s recommendations “worthless” and were picked up randomly from unknown sources.

‘Sa totoo lang, maraming pumuna sa walang kakwenta-kwentang dakdak niya na pinulot lamang sa kung saan saan. Feeling SANA este SONA.’

Aside from the criticism, Atty. Nick said Robredo did not recommend any plans because the government had either thought about it or already implemented what she recommended. Atty. Nick called Robredo’s recommendations “motherhood statements”, not operational and no different from books reports made by high schoolers.

‘Dagdag pa ng mga pumuna, wala siyang nirekomendang plano, dahil naisip na at nagawa na lahat yun ng pamahalaan. Puro nasa alapaap lang kasi ang kanyang dakdak o yung tinatawag na “motherhood statements”, hindi operational, at walang pinagkaiba sa mga book report na pang high school level.’

Atty. Nick acknowledged that Robredo was praised by the Twitter nation and those hoping she wins on 2022.

‘Syempre, ang pumuri lang sa kanya ay ang Twitter Nation at yung mga umaasang mananalo pa siya sa 2022.’

Atty. Nick ended the FB post saying that if no one criticized what Robredo said during the so-called “address to the nation”, the VP should find it alarming.

‘Higit sa lahat, kung sa tingin pa rin niya ay hindi pinuna ang sinabi niya, ibig sabihin lang, WALANG NAKIKINIG SA KANYA! 😄🤭😂’


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Source: Nick Nañgit – NCN Law

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