Not that we care. Hindi naman yung degree nya nagpapabilib sa amin — Atty. Trixie on MSM downplaying BBM’s “Special Diploma” from Oxford

While local mainstream media are working double time, triple time even, to stop BBM’s growing popularity as presidential candidate for the 2022 polls as demonstrated in online and kalye surveys, by putting a huge question mark on his Special Diploma from Oxford University and calling him “son of a dictator” in every articles and socmed post, Atty. Trixie of the Luminous took to Facebook talk about how she feels and perhaps the sentiment of 9,800+ of its FB followers about BBM and his “Special Diploma”.

On Facebook, Atty. Trixie wrote told News5 and company, in a loud voice, that the Filipinos don’t care about BBM’s degree or college diploma. BBM’s degree did not impress them but his personality and smarts etc.

Not that we care. Hindi naman yung degree nya nagpapabilib sa amin.

It’s his charm. Humility. Smarts. Innovation. Class. 😁

Netizens swooped into the comment section to voice their agreement with Atty. Trixie’s FB post.

Exactly. And his wisdom is beyond imagination. Baon niya ang pangarap ng tatay niya for the country and thru time, he’s molded that dream passed down to him as his life-long ambition to do for the country, the first commenter wrote.

What is a degree or diploma when you answer like a kindergarten in interviews? A netizen asked.

Sus eh yung depa Degree degree nga kung mag interview naman parang nasa kinder pa lang. Tatay mo mangingisda, Nanay mo mangingisda? Paano nakapangisda? Nga nga!😂

Of all these years, yellows still believes that a piece of paper showing sone honors will build a nation. They forgot, or just too dumb to understand, that it is the consolidated effort of the masses mustered by a great leader builds a nation. Kaya itong mga yellows keeps on giving their awards sa kanilang mga kapanalig thinking that they will be able to elevate that person to be a leader.Well… Yellows got it all wrong… Very wrong…If they only knows how to listen, they’ll find the answer… Kaya lang, they tend to believe in the lies they created, one commenter preached.

What the decent, morally upright, holier-than-thou people from the other side fail to grasp is that BBM was accepted at Wharton’s MBA program, and one basic requirement for a person to be accepted in the said graduate course is completion of an undergraduate program in an accredited U.S. college or its equivalent in another country. In short, BBM has a college degree that was deemed by a prestigious university as valid and acceptable. This is fact and irrefutable, remarked another BBM supporter.

Class daw kase Law grad. Bakit hindi ma feel? Yung nilalait na dropout dama ang sincerity sa bawat salitang binibitawan (with conviction ) galing sa puso kaya lalong minamahal aaat hindi stressed ang viewers kung panu maintindihahan ang hindi talaga Ah ewan ang hirap Explain¬†🤣🤣🤣 chimed in another.

IMO, this is the best comment to end the debate on BBM’s diploma brouhaha.

For those who believed BBM, no need to explain. For those who refuse to do so, no amount of explanation would suffice.



Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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