Novel reasoning. Brilliant in fact! – Lawyer’s reaction on President Duterte’s order “do not answer” to PSG if and when they appear in senate probe

On the senate probe regarding the inoculation of members of PSG with unofficial covid vaccine, President Duterte just made himself clear to Senators and Congressmen to back off. Otherwise, it will not be good to them and the President. President was quoted that the PSG members have every right to live and to invoke self-preservation. Check the meme below.

One of PTN’s favorite lawyers/bloggers Atty. Nick Nañgit of Nick Nañgit – NCN Law took to Facebook praising the President for coming up with a very novel if not brilliant reasoning in defense of the PSG.

On Facebook, Atty. Nick wrote:

“The Executive Branch also has its rights and privileges in the same manner that the other two – the Legislature and the Judiciary – have theirs.”

Atty. Nick cited a few examples to drive home his point.

“The non-action of the Senate on Sens. Villanueva and Pimentel’s issues, and the non-release of the SALNs (if there were) of J. Leonen. These branches are co-equal and independent. That is our how our government system works under the Constitution.”

Netizens agreed with Atty. Nick’s legal opinion by commenting on the thread.

One netizen called President Duterte’s legal stance, “Executive privilege!”

Another netizen defended the President’s order tellin ghte PSG to invoke their right to self-preservation.

“Wala nmn batas na nagbabawal sa isang tao na magpabakuna smuggle mn yan o hinde..desisyon nila yan..anong maggawa natin…pero dahil smuggle dw un ginamit na bakuna sa mga psg..kya gusto ng mga dilawan tumistigo ang mga psg laban sa smuggle vaccine na yan…yon nga lang…may karapatan ang mga psg na tumanggi kung ayw nila magtestigo…at hinde din nmn labag sa batas…ibg sabihin..talo nmn ang mga dilawan niyan😁😁😁

This netizen commented that the critics are making a fuss out of this because of politics and a lame attempt to diminish President Duterte’s endorsement power come election 2022.

“Pulitika ang dahilan. Gustong sirain ang endorsement power ni Duterte ngayon pa lang. Siyempre may kanya-kanya nang manok ang mga political parties ngayon pa lang. Matatapos na term ni Sotto kaya gusto niya pumosisyon na si Poe sa Malacañang bilang alay kay FPJ. lol”

The Executive Branch also has its rights and privileges in the same manner that the other two – the Legislature and the…

Posted by Nick Nañgit – NCN Law on Monday, January 4, 2021

Source: Nick Nañgit – NCN Law

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