Now it can be told: Liberal Party dangled P400M pesos to win Pacquiao’s support but failed alleged post

A post praising Manny Pacquiao as the man who cannot be bought with money to join the political arm of the Pnoy administration last year is doing the rounds online.

LP offered Pacquiao 400M to join LP Senate slate

LP offered Pacquiao 400M to join LP Senate slate

In a Facebook post by Manny Pinol, the former governor from Cotabato and a Duterte confidante is all praises for Manny Pacquiao for exhibiting fortitude to resist the allure of easy campaign money in exchange for joining the Liberal Party of President Aquino and Mar Roxas.

But ironically, Manny Pacquiao was all set to join the Liberal Party of the administration after his former lawyer, Franklin “Jeng” Gacal was able to convince the boxer to take the offer and be part of the senatorial line-up of the Liberal Party until an embarrassing incident made Pacquiao to change his mind.

“The oath taking was scheduled, but when Manny was already at the LP headquarters, the oath taking was postponed. Apparently his political opponents blocked his entry to the LP,” Pinol wrote.

In the post written by Pinol, Pacquaio was allegedly offered P300-M in addition to fixing his woes with BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue. When Pacquiao, refuses to take the bait, the representative from LP upped the offer to P400M.

Pacquiao said he turned down the offer.

Slighted by the incident, Manny Pacquiao decided to join the UNA Party of VP Binay.

But when the call for Duterte to run for the Presidency was at its highest, Pacquiao, being a personal friend of the Mayor was ready to throw in his support behind the candidacy of Digong.

According to Pinol, Pacquiao was burning the telephone line at the last minute of the filing of the candidacy, trying to convince Duterte to give it a try.

Pacquiao, according to the post of Pinol gave up only when Duterte did not file his candidacy.

Now it can be told why Manny Pacquaio ended up at UNA’s camp: On Oct. 16, Pacquiao went to the COMELEC with the party affiliation portion of his COC still vacant. He finally wrote “UNA” as his party when he was already at the COMELEC wrote Pinol in his post.

When Pacquiao was asked why he is sticking out with UNA of VP Binay though his friend Duterte and fellow Mindanaon has changed his mind to run for the Presidency, this what Pacquiao has to say:

VP Binay knew that had Duterte ran, I would have joined Rody. But since I have already joined the UNA, I will have to stick it out. I cannot possibly jump out and join Rody again. It’s a matter of principles.

Duterte understood this. I understood it, Pinol wrote.

According to the post of Pinol, Manny Pacquiao is not pressuring the people around him to vote for VP Binay and he would be happy to see Duterte win it all in the May 2016 Presidential derbyay .

While Pacquiao publicly declares he is supporting Binay, he told me that he will be very happy if his friend, Duterte, makes it.
He has not also pressured people around him to vote for Binay, allowing them to make their own decision.

Pacquiao's fortitudePACMAN REFUSED P400-MOFFER TO JOIN LP SLATEBy Manny PiñolNow that people are starting to see…

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