Now you know who really cares for their city and who only used their city as springboard for higher office — Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu did not waste the opportunity to throw shade at Yorme Isko Moreno as soon as Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto announced his re-election bid and subsequently filed his candidacy for another term as Mayor.

Chu went on to quote Vico Sotto’s statement announcing his re-election bid:

I’m running for re-election as I only had 9 months to be a mayor sa normal na sitwasyon, I need more time to do more things for the city, things that I’ve planned for the city, especially in social services.

Meanwhile on Isko’s camp.

Isko Moreno: Runs for President.

Chu ended the brief FB post by stressing who between the Mayors who really cares for their respective city.

Now you know who really cares for their city and who only used their city as springboard for higher office.

Netizens jumped into the comment section to share their thoughts on the Vico vs Isko comparison.

The apparent difference of the real servant-leader from a pretentious one is the passion to accomplish what needs to be done. Vico vs Isko. The previous is a rare treasure for Pasig the latter is a paasang trapo. Pinaasa ni Isko ang Maynila. Haist.Pahinugin lang natin tong di Vico… sya na ang susunod na presidente. Sana nga lang eh wag kainin ng sistema tulad ni Isko.

Vico is more responsible and mature than Isko. May malasakit talaga sa tao at sa kapwa Pasigueno. Si Isko? oportunista. Lahat ng ginawa niya naka-focus sa isang bagay yun ambisyon niyang maging Presidente. Palyado ang Pilipinas kapag ito ang naupo. Kawawa ang bayan natin baka ipahamak pa tayo kung sa negosasyon sa mga karatig bansa lalo na sa China. makikipag giyera na walang sandata kundi laway at porma, peste!

And Mayor Vico doesnt trash talk the govt, napaka galang, di mayabang, his mom raised him well, good breeding, fiture statesman.

Yes…develop Pasig first.. clean, green and traffic free sana when your 3 terms are up. Then run for higher office. Follow PRRD’s example.

The ambitious political prostitute feels like he will win. Tignan natin if gusto nga sya ng bansa.One term. Yung ibang hinawakan nyang posisyon nagresign sya after a few months, di ba? Kung talagang gusto nyang ayusin ang Maynila, it doesn’t only take 3 yrs. Even Erap took several terms sa San Juan.

Baka Naman dahil di PA sya pwede for presidency because of age requirement Kaya lie low muna. Pareho lang sila ni isko. Vico is actually building up a political capital na gagamitin nya someday.

However, some netizens are cautious in joining the Vico bandwagon, saying Vico had no other choice but to focus his attention to local politics since his age prevents him from aspiring for national position for now because of his age.

We should also factor in na wala pa siya sa tamang edad upang tumakbong presidente.

But that’s also because Vico cannot run for president, at least not yet.🤷🏻‍♀️ too young

That’s only because Vico is still too young to be qualified for presidency. If he’s 40 or above I’m pretty sure there will be people around him who would convince him to run and sigurado kandidato na rin yan ngayon.

Well, Vico can’t run yet as president because he is too young to be qualified.

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