Noynoy Aquino as the opposition’s saving grace? Manila Bulletin editor scoffs at the idea, says its “desperation”

Did you notice former President Benigno Aquino III has been vocal lately against the Duterte admin and House Speaker Arroyo?

If you’d recall, the former President has been content of allowing his party mates from doing the talking especially when there are explosive issues that hound the administration.

Perhaps the former President just want to enjoy his retirement, stay out of politics and let his party mates do the dirty work for him.

However, recent development in politics (GMA’s return to power as House Speaker and retirement of Morales as the Ombudsman) must have been a cause for alarm of the Liberal Party in general and the former president in particular.

Hence the former president has been forced or volunteered to come out of retirement? To lead his party mates to political battle once again against the Duterte administration.

As they say, the Liberal Party’s last card?

Well, that’s how the social media people thinks of Pnoy’s stepping out of the shadow so to speak.

Krizette Laureta Chu, Manila Bulletin editor and social media blogger affiliated with President Duterte, has scoffed at this move by Pnoy.

Chu said that Pnoy as the voice of the opposition is bound to fail because the former president has no moral ascendancy to lead the opposition against the Duterte admin in light of the various anomalies and allegations of corruption that hounded his administration.

Chu cited the dengvaxia mess, history of Yolanda, SAF, HO hostage, the China dealings of Trillanes as examples of Pnoy admins failures.

Read the full text below.

Nag iingay na si Noynoy Aquino.

Nilabas na ng LIBERAL PARTY ang kanilang pinaka huling baraha.

They are banking on the Aquino name, not knowing it will do more harm than good. Not with Noy’s history of Yolanda, SAF, HO hostage, Dengvaxia, the China dealings of Trillanes they both wouldnt answer to.

Leni calling herself the Opposition leader, and being mocked for her incompetence, and then seeing that nobody is scrambling to join their party, has been a wakeup call that she cannot be the unifier they need.

Trillanes complaining that he had no security detail therefore his life was in danger–and not getting the reaction they wanted–was another wakeup call.

This is the beginning of the absolute end. They’ve crossed the rubicon, spiraling downward, and there is no turning back.

There is no Yellow-er guy than Noynoy Aquino, and this is their last shot.

The air, it’s oh so redolent of desperation.

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