NPA Kumander cites extreme hunger & apathy of CPP NPA hierarchy to pleas for help forced him to surrender

According to Merriam Webster, Communism is defined “as a system in which goods are owned in common and are available to all as needed.”

Well, that’s what I’ve read on the newspapers or heard on TV.

This is their selling point when they recruit the youths, students and the poor folks in the hinterlands to join the NPA.

However, this video interview of an NPA commander who decided to lay down his arms and return to the fold of the law will tell us the hypocrisy of the Communist in the Philippines.

According to a certain Christian Balatero Pastor aka “Kumander Khan or Yano”, he decided to surrender because of disillusionment. He claimed that the CPP NPA in the Philippines has no direction, resulting in the disunity and weakening of the insurgency.

The hardship in the mountains due to extreme hunger made their situation even worse.

“Kumander Khan” surrendered to the 25th IB Phil, including several high powered firearms.

BTW, DXDC RMN reporter Erin Doblas Lumosbog managed to interview Kumander briefly.

In the interview, “Kumander Khan” recalled the hardships in the mountains because of extreme hunger due to lack of food. When they asked for financial assistance from the high ranking CPP NPA officials, the requests were simply ignored.

That prompted “Kumander Khan” to decide to surrender because he made the realization that no one can help their problems and achieve peace but the government.

“Kumander Khan” also realized that taking arms against the government is not the solution to achieve peace.

When asked by a male reporter if he has other colleagues in the unit who wants to surrender, “Kumander Khan” answered in the affirmative and said that many of his colleagues in the mountains also want to surrender and it is also his desire to help them so that they will no longer experience the hardships in the mountains.

When asked to cite a number, “Kumander Khan” answered 6 of his colleagues have expressed the desire to return to the fold of the law. He added that only 2 of his comrades in the same NPA unit have firearms.

When asked to say a message to the youths, “Kumander Khan” said that the youths should pursue whatever their dreams, ask government’s help and their parents, not hold a gun and fight the government because based on his personal experience, nothing good will happen to them.

“Kumander Khan” told the parents to always remind their children what is the straight path to follow, what is the course to achieve their dreams so that they will not get lost, follow the wrong paths and end up in the mountains.

When asked whether he has any regrets, Kumander Khan told the reporter that had he not joined the NPA, he would have finished his studies and get a job in the government.

When asked whether the decision to surrender was a collective or personal, “Kumander Khan” answered that in the beginning it was his personal decision but when he talked to his fellow NPA surrenderees, he was relieved when he knew that his buddies also wanted to surrender.

You may now watch video below.


Source: Erin Doblas Lumosbog

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