NPC has been non-committal to Poe all along, wants to hear DU30’s plans for the country

NPC wants to meet Duterte

NPC wants to meet Duterte

NPC has been none committal to Poe

We thought all along that the Grace Poe and Chiz Escudero have the endorsement of NPC (Nationalist People’s Coalition) in the bag. After all, Chiz Escudero is Danding Cojuancgo’s boy for the past few elections.

But I guess in politics, nothing is permanent only permanent interest.

After the news broke out that Duterte is now gunning for the Presidency, NPC spokesperson Quezon Rep. Mark Enverga released a statement that the party’s Executive Committee is keen on hearing Duterte’s plan for the country. The powerful Executive Committee has the final say after all whom to lend its support in the 2016 Presidential election.

In a text message to GMA News, Quezon Rep. Enverga is quoted as saying,

As part of the NPC’s approach of [conducting] due diligence in selecting the presidential candidate to support in 2016, the party’s ExeCom is interested in hearing out Mayor Duterte’s proposed platform of governance and programs he would be focusing on if he so finally decides to run for the presidency.

As of this writing, there is not definite date yet when the said meeting will take place. Rep. Enverga said that the National People’s Coalition welcomes the new development in the #Duterteserye saga.

It can be recalled that a month ago or so, Rep. Enverga told GMA News that the possible entry of Mayor Duterte as the replacement candidate for the PDP-Laban is the main reason why they are non-committal to the Poe-Escudero tandem.

Although, there was no certainty at that time if Mayor Duterte will change his mind and throw his towel in the 2016 Presidential derby, the NPC ExeCom keep the door slightly ajar for Duterte.

This stance from the NPC ExCom a month ago proved to be prophetic because in a dramatic change of heart, Duterte made a bold announcement to covet the position after the Senate Electoral Tribunal voted in favor of Grace Poe in the disqualification case filed by Rizalito David.

Do you favor NPC to adopt Duterte as their candidate over Grace Poe for President?

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