Nurses, netizens shares reaction on VP Leni Robredo’s hand on vaccine recipient’s shoulder in viral photo

A photo of Vice Leni Robredo has gained the attention of Sass Rogando Sasot of the FB page For the Motherland because she believed something was wrong with the picture.

Sasot took to Facebook to asks her followers with medical background for explanation on the rationale of Leni’s hand on the vaccine recipient’s shoulder which you can see in the photo below and read:

The photo is from the Office of the Vice President by Jay Ganzon. This is Leni’s Vaccine Express. Why is Leni Robredo’s hand there? I’m not a doctor or a nurse. So perhaps someone with a medical background can explain to me the medical meaning of this?

A netizen who introduced himself as a nurse wrote: I am a Registered Nurse. The very reason why she is there is for photo ops. She violated the protocol.

Another netizen said VP Leni Robredo just violated the protocol or law. She’s practicing as a nurse/doctor w/out a license. Only doctors and nurses are licensed to give injections. If she were in the US, she would be in trouble with the law. Not that she would even be able to set a foot inside our clinics/vaccine tents w/out the proper license/ID. And definitely our patients will not allow her to touch them but will ve sued instead for practicing nursing/medicine w/out a license. Don’t know why the Philippine Nurses’ Association and Philippine Medical Association do not call her out. Tameme sila? SMH. No balls!

This is echoed by another netizen. She is not a license Medical Doctor or a Nurse Practitioner to do this kind of things/action she’s, breaking health protocols “EPAL at it’s finest”

Another nurse shared one’s opinion on the photo. I’m a Registered nurse and won’t trust Leni to be the one giving the vaccine 💉 cuz she is not license and not allowed to do it at all costs. Respect the frontliners Leni and don’t use Medical workers for your own political thing!

I am a nurse and this is cracking me up 😂😂😂😂 Seriously the only time we let someone help with the vaccination is when we vaccinate kids and we ask the parents (or BHW’s) to help hold the child down while we administer the vaccine😂 I CANT LENI, I CANT 😂 remarked another nurse.

As a registered nurse, I can say that what she did was very useful. That man deserves a tap on the shoulder after all the fear he felt during the vaccination. That being said, I highly recommend that she (mama leni) be available in EVERY vaccination site NATIONWIDE to tap each of the patient’s shoulder, round the clock with no break time, suggested another nurse in a sarcastic tone.

As of this writing, Sass Sasot’s FB post has generated 17,271 reactions, 3,400+ comments and 1,700+ shares in more than 24 hours and counting.


Source: For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot

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