NY University graduate quashes insinuation re Marawi funds missing, breaks down Marawi donations to quash allegation

A meme posted in the anti-Duterte “Silent No More PH” asking the whereabouts of the more than P2B Marawi funds has been making the rounds online.

On Facebook, Silent No More PH wrote:

“Nasaan na ang Marawi funds?”

Closer inspection reveals the source of the meme – news website Rappler.

As expected, the meme elicited a bitter reaction from pro-Duterte supporters and social media bloggers.

Krizette Laureta Chu, a NYU (New York) graduate and Manila Bulletin editor/writer, quickly dismissed the allegations as unfounded.

Chu remarked that if the originator (meme) only knew how to do research, they would not be asking this question now.

Immediately, Chu went on to give the break down of the Marawi donations from foreign governments while clarifying that most of the donations were not in cash, mostly supplies, food rations, medicines etc..

Chu cited that the Australia donation will be given in a period of 4 years.

Meanwhile. the Chinese donation was meant for the medical treatment of the wounded soldiers in the Marawi siege.

And this…

In short, Rappler did a lousy job in making allegations without the benefit of proper research. Rather than hurting the image of the Duterte government, Rappler’s “pasabog” (exposé) exploded on their faces.

Furious, Chu countered that the motive of the source of the meme was simply to erase the evil of their corruption done during Yolanda.

Chu said that it has not been a year since the last soldiers were pulled out of Marawi.

Chu ended the post by taking a swipe at Leni Robredo’s Math skills.

May nagpapauso diyan, trying to make Marawi the new Yolanda.

Nasan daw ang billions ng Marawi?

What an insult to Yolanda victims.

Hello po, kung marunong lang kayo mag research, sana Di nyo tinatanong.

Ang 1 billion ng Australia is to be given “over a period of 4 years.” Wala pang one year since they announced it.

Yung ibang donation nila, in supplies.

Yung sa China, in ammunition and other guns and also for medical treatment of the soldiers, not all cash, because that’s what they said. They wanted the money to go directly to the medical treatment of the soldiers.

Yung donation naman ng EU, binigay nila for provision of food, water supply, healthcare, hygiene kits, sanitation facilities and essential household items.

Leche, trying to erase the evil of the corruption done during Yolanda when Wala pang one year since the last soldiers were pulled out of Marawi.

Ayan, matuto kayo mag Google. O ayan from Rappler para Hindi nyo sabihing lie from the devil.

Sa Yolanda hindi nyo pa nasasagot. Dyan kayo magaling, diversion.

Paturo kayo Kay Leni sa Math para ma add up ninyo.

Hindi lahat kasing magnanakaw at walang awa gaya ng mga idol ninyo.

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