OFW alleges a Presidential supporter offers to waive remittance fee in one condition

As I’ve said before, the Filipinos are a different breed. We took our politics very seriously. In fact, many influential families have turned politics into a cottage industry. It is not uncommon to see an entire family running for different political positions in their home turfs.

Free remittance service in exchange for voting for Roxas

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The supporters of politicians are equally passionate as well. I won’t be surprised anymore if an entire household works for the same political family fulfilling different factions.

This is what we call loyalty. Loyalty on the part of the supporter borne out of necessity.

However, there are supporters who are not directly benefiting from a political patron. Nonetheless, they would do whatever they can to help the cause of the politician they are supporting.

A case in point is a story posted by an overseas Filipino worker based in Dubai whose experience would support my assertion.

Please read the post below of the OFW who shared his story very recently.

KANINA nagpadala ako ng PERA sa pinas Para Sa Birthday ng Papa ko. $1000 po yun. Tinanong ako ng teller kung Sino ang iboboto ko.. sabi ko, Hindi pa ako naka decide kung sino kasi Kikilatisin ko muna kung sino sa kanila ang karapat dapat.. para hindi ako magsisisi.. sabi ng teller. Noong Last 2010 sino ang presidente mo? Sabi ko c PNOY syempre.. sabi niya so it means C MAR ROXAS ka ngayon? .. Sabihin mo na c Mar Roxas kasi Libre ang CHARGE NG Padala mo sa pinas. At pirmahan mo ito na nagpapatunay na c Mar Roxas ka.. Ako natulala talaga ako. Kaya Grab the opportunity nalang ako kasi Libre eh..Hindi ko lubos maisip na ganun na ka dispirado c Mar roxas para lang makuha ang Boto namiNg OFW.

Translation ( Earlier, I visited a remittance center to send money to the Philippines for my Papa’s birthday. I sent $1000. The teller asked me who is the candidate getting my vote. I said, I have not decided yet since I want to weigh carefully who is going to get my vote. Because I don’t want to have regrets later. The teller then continued dishing probing questions… In 2010, who was your Presidential bet? Told him, Pnoy of course. The bank teller continued and said, so it means you are supporting Roxas now? Just tell me it’s going to be Mar Roxas because I will waive the charges today. And please sign this to show proof that you are indeed supporting Mar Roxas. The OFW recalled, he was stunned! He said, he grabbed the opportunity to get the freebie. He said he was shocked, thinking how desperate Mar Roxas really these days just to corner the OFW votes.

What do you think about this post? Is this really true? We know this is the season of black propaganda from opposing political camps and it’s hard to filter which one is a fact or just a product of a fertile mind.

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