OFW castigates Pnoy for playing the role of ‘Grinch’ this Christmas

During the time of former President Gloria Arroyo, government employees could count on that on Christmas, their families would have a spare 10K peso bonus as spending money for the holidays.

But this year is a complete turnaround for the families of government employees because President Benigno Aquino decided to play the role of ‘Grinch’ this Christmas and did the unthinkable on election year – withholding the Christmas bonus of government employees including the teachers.

Not too many people know about this insensitive move of President Aquino except those who are always following the news. But here’s a guy, an OFW who made an effort to upload a video on the social media to express his displeasure over the maltreatment of government employees by the Aquino government.

OFW castigates Pnoy over bonus

The Saudi-based OFW from Davao castigated the Pnoy government for treating the government employees like a doormat and for failing to show appreciation for the hard work of ordinary government employees, especially the teachers which the man in the video credited as the real ‘modern heroes’ by teaching us in school how to read and write.

Let me point out the fact that the OFW in the video got his facts wrong – President Pnoy did not just reduce the 10K bonus government employees received during Arroyo’s time in half, but he scrapped the Christmas bonus altogether this year.

The OFW also expresses his disillusionment of the ‘Daang Matuwid’ slogan of the Pnoy government. He said that if the Pnoy government could spend that much on APEC, how come it did not have the money to spend for the Christmas bonus of the government employees?

You may watch the video now.

OFW nagsalita ng kanyang pagkadismaya sa gobyerno ni Pnoy.

OFW nagsalita ng kanyang pagkadismaya sa gobyerno ni Pnoy.

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