OFW loses money worth years of savings to Budol-budol in NAIA

Budol-budol in NAIA

If ‘tanim-bala’ modus is already enough to keep our returning OFW’s uneasy as soon as they landed in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, then how about this? The presence of Budol-budol gang members freely walking around in our airport terminals looking for their next victims.

OFW loses money Budol-budol in NAIA

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In a report filed by ABS-CBN News, an OFW returned home from Qatar very recently and lost her money worth years of savings to a Budol-budol gang member.

According to the OFW identified as Sarina Jimmy, she just arrived yesterday, Thursday, November 19 and was supposedly on a connecting flight to her hometown in Gen. Santos City.

Sarina Jimmy said a woman approached her, offering to find her way to the boarding gate to Terminal 3. However, the woman instead brought her to MRT Station in EDSA Taft.

While waiting for the train to arrive, someone pushed her from behind and she fell below, on the train tracks.

As a result, she felt pain in her hips and thighs that required her to seek a doctor for treatment in a nearby clinic. While Sarina Jimmy was attended by the doctor, the woman escaped and ran away with all her belongings including money worth years of savings including jewelries and mobile phone.

Lesson learned

Don’t talk to strangers in the airport even women who appeared harmless because more often than not, they see OFW’s bound for the province as targets for their schemes.

If you need directions, it’s better to ask from the security guards or someone from the airline staffs because generally they are safe to ask. But please, avoid asking from the porters because I’ve heard stories of porters asking for Christmas gifts.

In summary, don’t trust anyone in the airport its full of people looking for ways to make money from you. The next person you ask might be a Budol-budol gang member.

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Credits to ABS-CBN News

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