OFW writes an impassioned open letter addressed to Duterte & fellow Filipinos

A post containing an impassioned open letter addressed to Duterte and fellow Filipinos written by an OFW has been making the rounds online recently.

OFWs Open Letter addressed to Duterte

Credits to Philstar.com

In an article posted by GMA News on Facebook, a netizen wrote an opinion letter in the guise of a comment for obvious reason – he wants his open letter get noticed due to the high traffic of the thread.

In the open letter, the netizen named EJ Carillo argued the case on behalf of Duterte why the Filipino voters should go for Duterte, not for ourselves but for our beloved country.

The netizen, EJ Carillo confessed that she is not a Davao City resident, but from a nearby city who developed an admiration for Duterte due to the exploits of Mayor Duterte that has transformed Davao City from the reputation of being the killing fields in the 1980’s to what it is today — “one of the safest and most promising cities in the world.”

For Digong…

Opinionated as I am, I always speak with the thoughts in my brain and the feelings of my heart. No one can stop me from doing it, not even my bosses at work or peers. The truth is, I feel inferior if I can’t say or contribute anything during meetings, group work, or even comments and chat in the social media.

Although I am away from my country, I always feel the urge to support the mayor I have looked up to. I am from Davao Region but not really from Davao City. I grew up in Panabo City, a small city just beside Davao. I got married and transferred to Tagum City still in Davao del Norte. So this means, I am geographically away from Digong himself. I am not inclined to follow his city ordinances and I am not a subject for his punishments.

Weeks just before the campaign period, I found myself joining groups in the social media, commenting and struggling to change others’ perspective about Rody Duterte. Why? It’s primarily because I saw how he transformed Davao into one of the safest and most promising cities in the world. I am doing this not because I want to help Digong in his campaign, but because I want to help my country get the prosperity she deserves.

It’s long overdue, we have been silent about all the anomalies our very own elected leaders have been doing since they were elected as mayors, governors, congressmen,senators or even presidents.

How many impeachment trials are we going to waste?
How many administrative cases are we going to file?

The country has been wasting too much time and treasure for all these nonsense drama created by these traditional politicians. They are making mistakes after the other. They are corrupting not only the nation’s coffers, but also the future of our youth and the next generations. Yet, they are saying the country’s economy has been growing for the past 6 years. We cannot feel it! THE COUNTRY’S GROWTH IS USELESS IF THE POOREST OF THE POOR REMAINS STARVING…

I have been in this country for four years and all we can be proud of, are feats like Manny Pacquiao’s, Miss Universe or Gilas Pilipinas. What about our government? No comment. Whenever my English friends ask me about my purpose of staying here, I couldn’t help but say “My salary is not enough for my only son.” It’s awkward but true.

We have to end this now. We have to choose the right leader, not for me, not for you, but for our beloved country.

Of all the candidates, only Digong has the guts to speak his mind without reservations. Only he is not acting like a superstar. He is simple but his words are powerful. He is ripe. He doesn’t need to get the high salary of a president. OUR COUNTRY NEEDS HIM….

Netizen writes open letter to Duterte


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