OFWs, netizens respond to Raissa Robles dare to come home, embrace change if they believe change has indeed come

On Twitter, Raissa Robles dared OFW’s in the Middle East to come home, embrace change if indeed change has come under the Duterte government.

Robles’ tweet has generated a storm of angry responses from OFWs and netizens alike.

Netizen Alexis Say took to Facebook calling Raissa’s tweet sadist. “What a sadist!

While our OFWs toil for a living in the Middle East, here is Raissa picking on them.

Now witch, you pick :

1. Yes, they are coming home to embrace the change (check their testimonies), but we will wait for you to leave to find the change you want in other countries.

2. They can stay in the Middle East. They support the President anyway, are happy for the Filipinos, and talk with pride about their country – that is how our OFWs embrace the change too. You can stay also, but you will embrace the hate of the Filipinos who see you as an enemy of the state.

You Raissa, what have you done nationalistic for your country?

Ang dumi mo!”

Netizen Colin McMahon defended the OFWs whom he credited for the huge contribution to the economy. “These people are working hard and even sacrificing a lot to make their families back home survive. The monies they send home is what keeps the country’s economy strong. These overseas heroes remit at least $30 billion per year into the country’s coffers and I can’t imagine what will happen to our economy if this stops. Jounalists like Raissa don’t have, can’t have and won’t have that kind of contribution to help government and the economy, all they do is make noises, destabilize, receive payolas and do their work in behalf of their foreign benefactors. If she has the nerve to even say these ludicrous comments in public, she has a similar mind track as those Kadamay settlers and should be considered a dreg of society. What a waste of expensive education just to end up with a idiotic mind like that.”

A female OFW from the Middle East named Jenney Mae Mildred Jose summarizes the sentiment of the OFWs in relation to Raissa’s dare. “Dear Raissa Robles bakit hindi pa kami umuuwi? Kasi alam mo gusto pa namin tumulong sa bansa. Kung uuwi kmi sayang naman yung naaambag namin na pera sa ekonomiya diba.Mahal namin ang Presidente,gusto namin siyang tulungan makamit ang pgbabago. Isa pa ayaw namin maging pabigat,uuwi tapos aasa sa gobyerno.Alam mo,para sa aming mga ofw dito sa Middle East sapat na sa aming may matinong presidente kaming naiwan sa aming pamilya. Isa pa hanggat nandiyaan kayong mga salot na patuloy na naninira sa Presidente at sa bansa mas gugustuhin na namin wag muna umuwi para ma bantayan namin ang inyong pambabalahura at pangwawalanghiya sa presidente at sa bansa.Style mo raissa ha,bulok! E kayo,kailan kayo lalayas?Ayaw niyo sa Presidente diba?hindi niyo tanggap ang pagbabago bakit hanggang ngayon nandiyan pa kayo???”

Your reaction?

Source: Alexis Say


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