Ogie Diaz’s blind item about brewing trouble in the camp of rival politician because of unpaid salaries of trolls draws strong response from Marcos supporters

On Twitter, showbiz reporter and talent manager Ogie Diaz has resurrected the old allegation against a politician of employing paid trolls but their numbers have dwindled citing lesser need for “maintenance”. According to Diaz, some of the vloggers have yet to get paid for their hard work. Diaz ended the tweet by telling the paid trolls that their misfortune are self-inflicted for starting their vlogging career in the wrong way.

Diaz did not mention names but knowing which camp he supported during the last election, it was no brainer he was alluding to Leni’s biggest rival and your guess is good as mine.

Ogie Diaz’s jab did not go unanswered.

Atty. Ahmed Paglinawan and Adrian Pascual of the Luminous led the charge in debunking Ogie Diaz insinuation that Leni’s rival in the last election have employed a battalion of paid trolls to attack the former Vice President.

Atty. Ahmed simply shrugged off Ogie Diaz’s allegation against Leni’s rival because for the last 6 years they have failed to back it with proof.

Atty. Ahmed and Adrian Pascual, admins of the FB page Luminous returned the favor and accused Leni’s camp of having her own army of trolls.

Atty. Ahmed ended the FB post by challenging Ogie Diaz to show “resibo” to back up his allegation.

6 years of this same sh^t and they can’t still show proof. Meanwhile, Ethel Booba showed solid pieces of evidence against a monkey and they all went silent for some time. Bikoy happened and Cocoy Dayaw went hiding. Madame Claudia came out of the woodwork and is now in prison, dead, or in hell (whatever).

Talk is cheap Ogie. As cheap as those showbiz chismis you are very used to “reporting” since the 90’s? Ilabas ang #resibo or just swallow Darna’s stone and choke.

Of course, Leni Robredo emphatically denied employing trolls in her campaign during the Jessica Soho Presidential interviews.

Here’s what Adrian Pascual wrote about Ogie Diaz’s allegation versus Leni’s rival.

Hindi ko alam imbentor pala tong si Ogie?

Ano similarities nila Jover, Ethel Booba, Cocoy Dayaw, Madame Claudia, Bikoy? #resibo

Hello daw sabi noong mga Tiktok personalities na nilapitan ng PR operators to make contents for Mama Hadouken. Diba may mga humamon pa sa inyo na patunayan na nagsisinungaling sila? Walang pumatol kasi??? #HuliPeroDiKulong


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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