“Oist. That’s a lie.”|Lawyer’s emphatic reaction to Robredo’s claim VP office limited money & mandate

When head of states visits a country, a state dinner hosted by the host country is in order.

As the second highest official of the land, the vice-president is traditionally invited.

However, When Malacanang hosted a state dinner for the visiting Chinese President, Leni Robredo wasn’t invited by Malacanang. (GMA News)

You could only imagine how hurt Robredo was for being ignored by Malacanang.

So hurt that Robredo couldn’t help but air one’s gripes to her friends in mainstream media.

According to GMA News, Robredo said that the VP was not only marginalized in terms of mandate but also in resources?

But despite that, the VP office was able to transform the lives of many the best way they cam.

“The most important thing is, given the limitations our office has—not just on resources but on mandate—we are able to transform lives in the best way that we can.”

As soon as pro-Duterte lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles heard about Robredo’s drama via GMA News, she couldn’t help but rebut Robredo’s claim, particularly the part wherein she claimed the VP office has been marginalized in terms of resources.

Angeles has taken to Facebook to expose Robredo as nothing but a liar.

You may read Angeles’ FB post below and find out who’s telling the truth between the two ladies.

Oist. Thats a lie. What do you mean walang resources ang Office of the Vice President?

For 2018 your budget is P443,946,000, according to DBM. More pa next year.

Although tama kayo, wala kayong mandato. Your only job is to wait for the president to be incapacitated.

You have no mandate but a lot of money. And you’re still whining.



In light of Angeles’ revelation, netizens were quick to slam Robredo for her antics.

Jocjoc Tigas Ayaw ko na sana bumanat pero 400 million Plus for waiting for the president to die? Tangnamo Leni! Sobra ka naman!

Lita Doria Bakit malaki ang pondo e wala ngang mandato, walang proyekto, wala as in wala. Yan ba pang gastos lang sa travel abroad? Kawawa naman ang taumbayang nagbabayad ng buwis, walang sukling serbisyo. Ganun na lang ba?

Ely D. Ancheta Mukhang pera si Leni.443. + million walang pera?

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