OmG hindi ko talaga kaya – Manila Bulletin writer re Leni Robredo’s remarks on Duterte’s Build, Build, Build program


This is the very brief remarks of Krizette Laureta Chu, Manila Bulletin writer and social media influencer on Leni Robredo’s statement regarding President Duterte’s Build, Build, Build projects.

According Robredo, no amount of success – elegant edifices, magnificent infrastructure projects, the increase of incomes of Filipinos – it is not enough if there are still Filipinos living in the fringes of society.

In fairness to Robredo, she said she will continue Duterte admin’s Build, Build, Build but with a tweak to make sure that projects will have a direct impact on the marginalized. [Link here]

One netizen read the whole article and remarked she can’t understand Leni’s views even if she read the article twice.

I read the whole article trying to understand her views. Mga 2x. My Gahd…napaka-surface level ng assessment nya sa impact ng build3x. Much better to focus daw on simple livelihood projects and improve mass transportation system. Naku po sumbong kita kay Sec Art. Di mo na macorrelate ano impact, di mo rin alam ano ginagawa at nangyayari sa bansa, check nyu po DoTR projects and accomplishments. No wonder you’re becoming the most hated Presidential candidate. Dinaig mo pa si Isko at MP.

This netizen can’t help but compare difference between Mark Villar, a Wharton economics graduate and Leni Robredo the economics grad from UP.

I wonder how much of her is an economist? I couldn’t help but compare her with former DPWH Sec. Mark Villar who did a great job in propelling the economy thru the Build Build Build program. Mark is an economics graduate from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. I bet only a few would see the difference.

This netizen concluded that Robredo is clueless about nation-building.

See? She really has zero idea about nation building… typical stance of liberal party… she is demonizing infrastructure, even though Philippines is already one of the least developed country in the world in terms of infrastructures…She cannot recognize the importance on long term planning and long term benefits of infrastructures…fyi public infrastructure is the greatest equalizer! She really thinks government as charity institution… she will turn Philippines into a welfare state where taxes are used to directly give out consumables… she shouldn’t run for president… what she should do is start a charity program…commented another netizen.

In my opinion, this netizen has a better grasp of Duterte’s Build, Build, Build than Robredo.

Infrastructures enables everyone from every walks of life a chance to go somewhere. For example, trains and buses enable people to get jobs anywhere as suppose to limiting themselves around their area where it might have limited job opportunities. They don’t have to have cars which only a few has privilege to buy. Building these infrastructures also gives opportunities for people to have work. Opportunities of work and business are the key to pull people out of poverty. You cannot just give money to them everyday and then complain about UTANG. Giving money is considered ‘consumable’ while building infra for various opportunities is considered investment. Investment for the country.


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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