On allegation Chinese helped Duterte win? “Only an idiot will believe that happened” — Carlo de Leon

On former PNoy DFA Secretary Albert Del Rosario’s allegation that President Duterte won the 2016 election with the help of China? Entrepreneur Carlo De Leon dismissed Del Rosario’s allegation as ridiculous, that cannot be proven except by pure gossip.

“According to Del Rosario, China helped Duterte win the elections; it’s a ridiculous speculation that cannot be supported except by pure hearsay. No names persons, no name of the international entity where the source of information allegedly comes from.’

“Imagine the Chinese were able to convince the Filipino people to vote for Duterte,” De Leon remarked.

If Del Rosario is correct, De Leon advises the opposition to assure their victory.

“If this is true, my advice to the opposition is to hire the Chinese to win in the next elections.”

Suddenly, the conspiracy theory becomes so ridiculous,” De Leon quipped.

De Leon ended the brief FB post by dismissing Del Rosario’s claim as a tall tale only idiots will take his word as gospel truth.

“16 million votes were the product of Chinese influence on the Filipino people. Only an idiot will believe that happened.”

As of this writing, De Leon’s post has generated 1,137 reactions, 101 comments and 63 shares in 9 hours and counting.

“Yes it is!! Only idiot will believe them!!” a netizen commented to declare his agreement with De Leon’s sentiment.

This netizen remarked that the Opposition is simply desperate and belied the Chinese influenced him to vote for Duterte. “Desperate person/s became so Foolish & Clown.😂😂😂…. I voted for Pres. Duterte. NO Chinese na lumapit sa amin to convince us to vote for Him. Tsk3x😂😂😂😂

“They will manufacture everything just to degrade this administration…” commented a netizen.

Shades of Trump narrative said another netizen. “Playing the ‘Trump narrative’. Kopyang kopya hahaha! Ganon ba ka-istupido ang tingin ni Del Rosario sa mga Filipino?”

“i vote for prrd, not influenced by chinese, ni wala nga akong nakakausap na chinese mula pa 2005, may lahing chinese meronĀ 😀😀 an annoyed netizen belied Del Rosario’s allegation.


Source: Carlo de Leon

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