On BBM cheating in the elections to win? Direk Manny Castaneda says it is as ridiculous as the 7/11 script of Valentine Rosales

Perhaps out of sheer desperation because of BBM’s insurmountable lead in all social weather surveys, some Pinklawans are spreading the narrative on social media sites that BBM will cheat in the elections to win over Leni Robredo.

Direk Manny Castaneda reacted on Facebook that this narrative is ridiculous as the 711 script of Valentine Rosales.

Castaneda remarked that the favorite to win as per all presidential polls are concerned will cheat to win the election defies logic and common sense. What makes sense is the candidate who is doing poorly in the presidential polls will try to cheat his or her way to victory.

Here’s how netizens react to Castaneda’s FB post.

This netizen noted that Leni Robredo supporters are victims of Leni Robredo’s own mind conditioning game based on the screenshots of silly contents of the Leni app she has seen on social media.

The mind conditioning game of Leni’s camp is so strong sa mga supporters nila. For example, I’ve been seeing screenshots of the contents ng Leni app nila – the wordings, statement are beyond imaginable. There’s a part there na ayaw daw ng gobyerno kay Leni, hindi sya binigyan ng budget so lahat ng tulong nya ay mula sa private sector pero very contradicting naman yung pinagmamalaki nilang ‘highest audit rating’ I mean, you get that COA audit rating because you are a public official managing a specific amount of budget (from the govt) handed over to her office diba? (please correct me if I’m wrong). Basta, sobrang lala. Kaya no wonder why andaming nauuto – I have no better word to use. Understandable yung mga ayaw sa Marcos dahil sa Martial Law at ayaw kay Duterte kasi pala-mura, etc. but the kind of trash Leni’s camp has been feeding to her supporters is absolutely daft. No wonder.

Another netizwn expressed agreement with Direk Manny’s Castaneda observation that many Leni supporters lack common sense.

Agree ako sa yo Direk! Saan ba nabibili yang common sense at ipamumudmud ko sa kabilang parlor. Yung nangungulelat sa survey at naghahasik ng kadiliman.

To which another commenter agreed:

Pinklawans were absent when deductive and inductive reasoning was discussed in their classroom days.

You may now read Direk Manny Castaneda’s brief FB post.

Yung tagilid manalo ang maaring makapag-isip na mandaya, hindi yung may malaking chances na manalo. Common sense lang naman, di ba? The narrative being released by the pinklawans that the most favored candidate will cheat in the elections is as ridiculous as the 7/11 script of Valentine Rosales.


Source: Manuel Castaneda

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