On critics criticizing PBBM for posting video of US trip while Karding pummels Luzon, pro-Marcos influencer tells PBBM to ignore critics, focus on the job

ICYMI, the #NasaanAngPangulo trends on Twitter once again as supertyphoon Karding pummeled Luzon yesterday.

As predicted, veteran actress and singer Agot Isidro, a diehard Leni supporter joined fellow Kakampinks on Twitter to ask for PBBM’s whereabouts.

In a follow up tweet, Ms. Agot Isidro took a swipe at PBBM for posting a video of the recent US trip in his vlog.

The trend #NasaanAngPangulo on Twitter which was picked up mainstream media including Inquirer did not make pro-Marcos supporters very happy, including influencer Mike Acebedo Lopez.

Lopez said critics will always have to say against the President no matter what he does. For example, if PBBM did not post a pre-recorded video to report the accomplishments of the US trip to the public, the same critics will ask about the US trip and make comments that the US trip was a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Lopez figured that that best way to handle hard-to-please critics is to simply focus on the job and carry on.

You may now read Mike Acebedo Lopez’s brief FB post below.

And if his Facebook account didn’t post a pre-recorded vlog to talk about the successful trip, we’d hear the same critics ask, “so what did he do in New York? Junket? Nothing of value to Filipinos?” There’s really no pleasing the bitter and beaten so best to focus on the job and carry on.

Netizens jumped in the comment to either defend the President or slammed the Inquirer.

Halata talaga tong taga inquirer, puro paninira sa gobyerno ginagawa, mula pa noon, commented one person.

Irresponsible and malicious journalism…again!” wrote another netizen.

Another netizen perfectly summarized PBBM’s dilemma.

damn if youd do, damn if you don’t


Source: Mike Acebedo Lopez

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