On latest c0vid surge in Robredo’s bailiwick, radio host asks: “Di nga, san talaga humuhugot ng kawalanghiyaan itong salot na ito?”

A few days ago, VP Leni Robredo raised some eyebrows following her statement expressing readiness and willingness to help Davao City contain the latest surge of covid cases in Duterte country.

Robredo’s statement elicited a very sharp response from the Davao City mayor, telling Robredo “to refrain from giving advice if she knows nothing about what is happening on the ground.” Mayor Sara ended the statement with a parting shot, many Duterte supporters interpreted as a hint that the Davao City mayor has softened her stance of not running for President in the 2022 election. “The VP should avoid involving the Covid-19 surge in Davao City in her attempt at politicking. There will be a proper time to attack my performance as an LCE in this pandemic if she dares to run for President.”

After the unsuccessful verbal skirmish with Mayor Sara Duterte, as expected, VP Leni Robredo did a quick retreat and passed the baton to Spokesman Barry Gutierrez to fend Sara Duterte’s wrath because she is allegedly busy helping the poor, to the jeers of the Duterte supporters.

If VP Leni Robredo thinks that the heckling from the Duterte supporters for taking a swipe at Mayor Sara Duterte’s handling of the latest covid surge in Davao City is finished, she is dead wrong.

Radio host Mark Lopez informed the Duterte supporters that the vice president met with doctors and hospital executives in CamSur for covid-19 response. According to Lopez, a week after she tried to play the heroine role in her bailiwick, the covid cases in Bicol spiked. In fact, like Davao City, Naga City is declared under MECQ.

“One week after nya magbida bida at mag photo op with the medical community sa Bicol, ayun lumala ang kaso ng COVID-19 sa lugar.”

Lopez heckled Robredo for having the gall to offer help in Davao.

“Tapos ang kapalmuks magmagaling sa Davao?”

Lopez asked where did Robredo draw the courage to pull such stunts?

“Di nga, san talaga humuhugot ng kawalanghiyaan itong salot na ito?”

Netizens took turns in dishing their best trash talk lines in the direction of VP Leni Robredo.

“Linisin muna ang sariling bakuran bago punain ang bakuran ng iba!”

“Meaning, nagbigay ng suggestion si Leni doon sa CamSur tapos yan ang resulta ng suggestion niya. Buti nalang di nakinig si Inday Sara”

“Tend ur own backyard first kasi bago magbidabida sa iba..when karma hits back nga nman.”

Bago sya magmagaling bigyan nya muna ng solusyon din yun walang katapusan pag-repair ng kalsada sa bikol..Dekada 90 estudyante p lang ako sa Manila yun na nakikita ko tuwing magbakasyon ako sa bikol..Noong 2019 nagbakasyon ako sa Pilipinas at umuwi ako ng bikol yun pagrepair p rin ng kalsada nakikita ko..idagdag pa yun mga CTG.



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