On PBBM talking to Russia for oil, Jay Sonza teases critics, wonders where are they now who said PBBM not good enough to become President?

The news report from the international and local media that the Marcos administration is talking to Russia to buy oil has been received by Pinoy netizens including retired broadcaster and now YouTuber Jay Sonza with enthusiasm.

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In a Facebook post, Sonza can’t help but ask where are the people who said that that son of the former dictator, a school dropout and weakling leader wasn’t good enough to become the president of the Republic?

Sonza said that 31 millions Filipinos though disagreed with them and made him President.

In light of these piece of good news, Sonza remarked that the 31 million seems right in choosing PBBM.

Here’s what Sonza’s followers think of the report that PBBM admin is seriously talking to Russia to buy their cheap oil.

Dapat Lang… Take advantage the cheaper price like what India and China did, one netizen said.

Another netizen seemed upset with the news though.

That is just a stupid move! I hope its not true.

Another netizen doubted the news report is true.

Negotiating with Russia will have repercussion. Pressure will come from us and Europe and other allies. Highly unlikely.

Meanwhile, this netizen very much welcomed the news report.

Time to change direction. We should stop patronizing Middle Eastern countries oil which keep rising in price.

Another wrote that little by little, he has been proven that he did not make the wrong choice when he voted PBBM in the last election despite earning the ire of some friends and classmates.

until until kunang napapatunayan sa sarili ko na Hindi talaga Ako nagkamali Ng binoto. kahit nagalit pa saakin mga kaibigan at kaklase ko.ang nasa isip kulang noon.para sa Future Ng mga anak ko.

You may now read Jay Sonza’s original FB post below.

After meeting with American leaders and investors in New York, our government is in talks with Russian oil officials.

Balak ng Pilipinas na umangkat ng langis mula sa Russia.

Mr. Marcos wants to secure a steady supply for our country, and at a much reasonable price.

Now who says, the son of the former dictator, a school drop out, and a weakling leader is not good to become the president of the Republic?

The more than 31 million Filipinos think otherwise.

It seems to me they are right!

Ballsy! This is how pro-Marcos vlogger and radio host Mark Lopez called PBBM’s move to even talked to Russia right after the meeting with POTUS Joe Biden.


Source: Jay Sonza

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