On Twitter, Jim Paredes pins blame on Duterte admin for Dengvaxia scare…making netizens angry, including this doctor

Pnoy’s loyal supporters are working double time to shield the former president from the anger generated by Dengvaxia dengue scandal.

On Twitter, Jim Paredes tried to deflect the heat from Pnoy and point it to Sec. Ubial, Duterte’s former DOH Secretary.

“Who really allowed the continuation of the DOH program despite issuing a resolution two months earlier that the vaccine is dangerous.

Hello Dr Ubial? This is under Duterte. Not under PNOY. FYI.”

As expected, Jim’s tweet did not make a lot of people happy especially from Duterte supporters, who descended upon the retired singer like a swarming African bees.

Here’s a tweet from Dr. Gary Sy.

“Mr. Paredes it seems you are twisting the real people behind the approval of Dengvaxia. It’s not even part of the 2015 budget for 2016. Better to know the real story first. You may inquire with Doc Willlie Ong.”


Netizen leemartin tells Duterte supporters to go easy on Jim and in mocking tone, says the retired singer was doing it because he needs to eat.

“C’mon people! Jim is just doing his job. He needs to eat! Wala ng pangsaing kung sa career lang umasa kasi laos na si lolo! Kaya hayaan nyo na. Kawawa naman. Malaki bayad ni panot e masisisi mo ba sya? His logic is not twisted! Desperate times call for desperate measures. #gutom”

Netizen using the handle emil heart disagrees with Paredes as the tweet below shows.

Meanwhile on Facebook, netizen Carlo de Leon slams Jim Paredes for blaming the Duterte admin instead of Pnoy.

Jim Paredes, are you saying that the Duterte admin should be held accountable? Wow naman! Parang the yellows can never make a mistake noh. Always perfect, claiming a monopoly on righteousness and good governance.

Ang tanong ng bayan? Bakit binili at ginamit ng Aquino government ang vaccine Dengvaxia anti-Dengue vaccine knowing that Dengvaxia may be ineffective or may worsen Dengue symptoms for those who have not had dengue prior to vaccination. (Based on a report by WHO in April 2016, when Noynoy Aquino was still president).

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