One more reason Mark Lopez believed Leni Robredo will never be, and can never be, president!

As the Vice-president of the Philippines, Leni Robredo is just a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Otherwise, Leni Robredo must run in the next presidential election come 2022 to become the next president.

However, radio host and blogger Mark Lopez strongly believed, Leni Robredo isn’t cut out for the Presidency.

Lopez shared this on his latest FB post, to the entertainment of Robredo’s critics and the chagrin of her ardent supporters.

Check out Mark Lopez’s full Facebook post now.


The problem of a political stooge like Leni Robredo is that her handlers programmed her to be constantly seen, read and heard even if she does not make any sense at all.

Of course it does not help her that media has her two ways – readily available for her PR needs, but also exposing her audacity for idiocy.

Her bumbling ways have already unmasked her poor leadership qualities, which in turn will never earn her the respect and trust of the people.

And this is why Leni will never be, and can never be, president.

She does not possess the brain for it.

Nor the heart and soul.

Let us check out the comments of some Pinoy Facebook netizens if they agree with Mark Lopez’s assertion.

Francisco Pascual Tranquilino asked:

 Does she have any brain at all?

To which netizen Gener Trinidad  replied:

Netizen Cora Silverio commented she agreed with Mark Lopez 100%.

Sir mark you are right absolutely correct about Mam Lenny
Mam Lenny develop hallucinations delusions ambitious for more power and living her role to the max imbibing all the hatred cursings of whole country or she is hurting inside but ignoring it completely which apparently does not affect her all for she is insensitive to criticisms even seeing her children hurting devil may care NA SIYA

Netizen Elis Pascual said in jest that hopefully FB offers Tagalog translation in case Robredo happen to read his post so that she understand it. (BTW, Facebook offers Tagalog-English translation and vice-versa.)

Sir Mark sana po may translation ng tagalog yung FB ni VP, just in case mapadaan siya sa page nyo maintindihan nya yung sinulat nyo. Nosebleed po yan para sa kanya, in my opinion 😏…

Netizen Pedz Core Tea-Hose told Robredo to be strong amid the bashing and name-calling, albeit in a sarcastic tone.

inday LENI! be strong . . malagpasan mo rin mga pagsubok na yan. .
Always remember confused na talaga:

REBOOT!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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