Online petition to remove Facebook Country Manager of the Philippines gaining ground

An online petition asking Mark Zuckerberg to remove Digs Dimagiba as Facebook country manager is making the rounds online.

The online petition was initiated by an individual using the handle ‘FREE SPEECH’ 22 hours ago in

As of this writing, the petition has gathered 11,546 signatures or 3,454 sigs short before it reaches the 15,000 signatures before the petitioner send to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook owner.

‘Free Speech’ provided the summary of the online petition with the caption that reads:

“Digs Dimagiba is Facebook’s Country Manager of the Philippines. He has been political and biased. He has used his position to curtail freedom of speech in our country and has influenced the suspension or deletion of many groups and individuals that do not conform to his favored political party. This is unacceptable- so unfair! The Filipinos are connected all over the world through Facebook. We depend on it for communication, for online commerce, for news. But when Facebook Philippines is headed by a very biased manager, then the balance of fairness in social media disappears! He is using his Facebook position and influence to silence those who have the courage to question fake news and articles and to present the truth- to write the other sides of stories. Digs Dimagiba DOES NOT represent what Facebook stands for! HE MUST BE FIRED!!! Thank you.”

To give you a brief history how the country manager of Facebook Philippines earned the ire of Duterte supporters, let me share the post of the Facebook page ‘Karody’ recently in toto.

“Is Facebook Philippines biased?

Leni and her friend.

With the recent taking down of news sites and pages that are pro-Rodrigo Duterte, accusations have been pointed at DIGS DIMAGIBA, head of Facebook Philippines, who happens to be acquainted with a close friend of Vice President Leni Robredo.

Recently, a site called We Are Collective has been taken down after it published a series called Naga Leaks, revealing alleged corruption and crimes by former Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo, Leni’s deceased husband.

Pages such as Seniora Santibanes which are vocally against LP and the like have been brought to their ends.

Website Dugong Maharlika first reported the queer coincidence of the VP being close with Jan Arceo,a friend of hers who happens to be close with Dimagiba.

The website then concluded that Facebook Philippines is in fact assisting Robredo in taking down sites that criticize her and the LP.”

As of this writing, Digs Dimagiba of Facebook Philippines has not released any statement in reaction to the allegation labeled against him.

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