“Only in the Philippines. Mauna pa manghusga kaysa tumulong makahanap ng solusyon.” Netizen on Filipinos mocking President Duterte after presscon

Facebook netizen named Abigail Castro cringed at the sight of critics mocking President Duterte on socmed after his recently concluded presscon.

Shame. This is the word that netizen Abigail Castro to describe her emotion in reaction to the people who are trying to humiliate PRRD on socmed.

Castro remarked that that President already apologized from the get go for his broken Tagalog not to mention his old age but some people were ruthless and went on to demean the message and the messenger. “For in the beginning he already apologized for his broken tagalog (as he is not a native speaker), and to add to that (in my opinion) his old age. Pero some still choose to degrade rather than forgive and accept what the presscon was for.”

Castro lamented that the President’s purpose in calling the presscon was to emphasize two things: “To lay down guidelines and announce the resolution which is to become an EO. To admit and remind everyone that while he is president he is not the right authority to dictate what needs to be done in this situation but the medical/health department.”

Castro understand the Filipinos have their personal opinions on things but in times like this, isn’t it our best interest to unite rather than bicker or debate if we hope to defeat the virus? She asked. It just goes to show that we lack the decency to follow the authority. “Sure, I get it, we all have a thing or two to say, but in times like this, is it not better to unite for the containment of this disease than berate everything the government has to say because we lack the decency to acknowledge and follow authority.”

In simple terms, Filipinos think they are smarter than the President or the government people. She said it is very obvious when Filipinos were young, they don’t know how to listen to their parents. “In short masyadong smart alec. Halatang bata pa lang ayaw na makinig sa magulang. Guys, listening will not kill you.”

Castro commented its a big tsk or a disappointment when people act like they are better than everyone else, instead of focusing their energy in finding the solution. “Thinking yourself to be better than everyone else is, especially when you direct your energy into trash talking people instead of helping find or being a part of the solution. Tsk..”

Castro wrapped up the the post by sharing her astute observation of what is uniquely Filipino – when we judge people first rather than helping find a solution to the problem. “Only in the Philippines. Mauna pa manghusga kaysa tumulong makahanap ng solusyon/lunas.”

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Source: Abigail Castro

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