Open letter addressed to President Duterte tackles practical solutions in easing Metro Manila traffic woes

An open letter addressed to the incoming President concerning issues hounding the LTO & suggestions in easing the Manila traffic is doing the rounds online.

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In a Facebook post published recently, a netizen identified as Tio Ralph offered practical suggestions on how to untangle the mess created by the past administration that made the life of motorists and train commuters a living hell.

The netizen dwells on implementing discipline in the main thoroughfares as well as fixing the maintenance issues hounding the country’s train system to ease the traffic woes in Metro Manila.

In addition, Tio Ralph wants the incoming President to investigate the license plate problem in the LTO.

Please READ the FULL text below of his OPEN LETTER:

Dear President Duterte,

1. Please give the MRT Management 3 months to solve their maintenance problems. If they don’t solve it, please take over and assign real professionals who know what to do to solve the problems. The failed MRT/LRT and train systems of the Philippines is one of the main reasons of really bad traffic. If more people can take the MRT then less will have to ride cars and buses.

We can get the MRT/LRT systems back in shape within six months if proper world class maintenance is put into place immediately. Give those MRT management teams a deadline (September 30, 2016) or they will all lose their jobs.

2. Please give LTO three months to sort out the license plates problem. If they can’t figure out what happened to the missing plates, deduct from their salaries (eh obvious naman binulsa ng mga leaders ng LTO yung pera para sa mga plates) and throw all the leaders of the LTO in jail.
Sana po by end of the year, makuha na namin ang mga license plates namin. Sana rin ang sa ilalim ng licence plates namin (Disiplinadong Mga Mamamayan 2016).

3. Please give MMDA maximum 6 months to sort out all the traffic problems:
a. Alisin lahat ng kolorum,
b. Alisin lahat ng smoke belcher,
c. Ipatupad at mag lagay ng logical na babaan at sakayan,
d. Impose severe penalties for traffic and road violations,
e. Remove all street vendors so they stop blocking the road,
f. Reschedule all street cleaners to clean during non rush hours (equip them for their safety),
g. Impose a more USA-like driving test for those getting their driver’s license,
h. Pagbawalan ang bicycles at tricycles sa major thoroughfares,
i. Hulihin na lahat ng never sumusunod sa batas (mga jeepney na tumatawid sa red light, mga tricycle na nag counter flow, etc.)
j. other suggestions?
4. Ayusin na lahat ng mga pending na kalsada. Give DPWH until end of 2016 to finish all their FOR EVER ng ginagawa OR FIRE THEM ALL. Mas maganda po pag ilibing na ninyo ng buhay lahat ng nandiyan sa DPWH dapat wala naman silang ginagawa kung hindi magnakaw.
a. Pagbawalan na ang paghukay during rainy season,
b. Have DPWH do 24 hours 7 days a week na trabaho. Dapat lahat ng roadworks matapos ASAP.
c. Penalize non completion of projects on the assigned deadlines. Dapat mayroong % deducted from the project and even salaries of the bosses if they don’t deliver on time,
d. Other suggestions?
Magandang umaga po, Mr. President Duterte.

The netizen’s suggestions has been receiving positive feedback from fellow netizens. Sadly it has not reached as many audience as it should.

What are your thoughts on this?