Open letter asking for dethronement of Mariel de Leon as Bb. Pilipinas International circulates online

When Mariel de Leon thought zipping her mouth is the way forward, an open letter asking BCPI to have her stripped of the crown circulates online.

Drew Olivar aka Boy Landi on Facebook is a member of the LGBT community and a big fan of beauty pageants and a vocal supporter of President Duterte on social media.

Olivar is self-confessed fan of Mariel de Leon. In fact, he campaigned for Mariel de Leon when she joined the Bb. Pilipinas pageant soliciting online votes in her behalf.

However, Olivar expressed regret for supporting Mariel after she criticized Mocha’s appointment as Asec to PCOO.

In the open letter, Drew compared Mariel’s fame to the tidal cycle, a metaphor for her fame which is experiencing the highs and lows.

“Synonymous to the “ebb tide”, how soon your stars faded. Luckily enough you won in the recently concluded Bb. Pilipinas 2017 as official Philippine delegate to Miss International 2017 to be held in Tokyo, Japan later this year. Why the “ebb tide”? Simply because as the high tide ends, the shore gets dry after the water bids adieu.Just like your fame, it happened overnight and ended rightaway. I REMORSED SUPPORT AND CAMPAIGN TO YOUR QUEST AS A BEAUTY QUEEN. You just exemplified partiality and over criticism.”

Drew reminded Mariel that education is not the sole basis of success and competence.

“Education is not the sole basis of one’s competence and success. Many Filipino achievers and leaders have been role models of today sans a College Diploma or a High Educational Attainment to back them up. IT IS COMPETENCE & EXCELLENCE IN MANY ASPECTS OF LIFE THAT CAN BE USED AS MEASURES OF SUCCESS AND EDUCATION IS JUST ONE ASPECT.”

Drew asked Mariel if she was oriented by the BPCI about decorum and acceptable conduct that every title holder must abide like being non-partisan. Otherwise, this could be a ground for her dethronement.

“As a recently crowned beauty queen, were you oriented by the BPCI organization as regards decorum and acceptable conduct which you are required to exercise at all times within the period of your reign and ideally even beyond? Are you also aware that you should not be engaging in non partisan politics since your status or position in the society is influential and could greatly affect the views/opinions of fans and/or supporters? That, instead of over reacting to the appointment of Ms. Uson as Asec, were you able to make a thorough assessment and review of her credentials prior to your issuance of such derogatory, no basis and dumb founded remarks?”

Drew added that a queen must also refrain from getting involve in partisan politics.

“A queen should be impartial, she should possess compassion and never underestimate nor judge anybody based on demographic profile. No person shall be looked down upon by anybody based on social or economic status. More importantly, as a winner of the most prestigious and longest running national pageant in the Philippines (started in 1964 under the auspices of the Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc.), you are expected to be working with the leaders of our nation towards unity and harmony and never be the cause or reason for conflict, chaos and divisiveness among your countrymen. THIS BEING THE CASE, I BELIEVE THAT BPCI SHOULD LOOK INTO THE POSSIBILITY OF YOUR DETHRONEMENT GIVEN YOUR IMMATURE DISPOSITION, NON PARTISAN INVOLVEMENT & INCOMPETENCE ON CONFLICT MANAGEMENT.”

Hence, Drew is asking for Mariel’s dethronement because of her incompetence and for not speaking for the voice of the majority.

“Why Dethronement? In furtherance, dethronement is being recommended to BPCI on its recent winner of the BP International 2017 in the person of Ms. Mariel de Leon. As a national pageant organizer, I believe Ms. de Leon is not fitted, hence, incompetent to represent our country in her assigned international competition. She is not representing the voice of the majority. She is opinionated, radical and arbitrary.”

Drew further added that Mariel’s lack of respect to people, organization and herself is unbecoming of a beauty queen.

“Regarding her Conduct in the exercise of her right to self expression through her issuance and release of a public statement on the apppointment of Ms. Uson as Asec, I believe Ms. Mariel de Leon is very UNBECOMING OF A BEAUTY QUEEN. Of all the moral and core values that should be engraved in her, it is RESPECT to people, organization, and to oneself to encourage harmony and in return entitles her to the best crown that she deserves, i.e., the LOVE and HONOR of the entire Filipinos.

This post maybe too delayed but still very timely in cognizance of the clamor from various sectors requiring the immediate action/recommendation by the BPCI organization on the UNQUEENLY GESTURE & DISCRIMINATORY/DEROGATORY REMARKS OF MS.MARIEL DE LEON ON SUBJECT MS. MOCHA USON.
Nagmamahal,nandudura at umeENGLISH-“

Drew Olivar(president of rambutan vendors of the PHILIPPINES)

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