Open letter asks GMA News to fire its self-proclaimed geopolitical expert analyst Richard Heydarian for spreading fake news and making stupid comment?

An open letter addressed to GMA News asking to fire its self-proclaimed geopolitical Richard Heydarian from his position has making the rounds online.

Radio host Mark Lopez accused Heydarian of spreading fake news and having a very poor research skills as the grounds for his dismissal from GMA News.

In short, Lopez called Heydarian “BOBO.”

Lopez made the “BOBO” remarks versus Heydarian based on the video the latter uploaded recently wherein he was talking about the possible Presidential 2022 presidential candidates.

Lopez wrote: “Watch Heydarian video posted in his FB page, where he claimed Isko Moreno has been an experienced local executive SINCE THE LATE 1970s. Isko was born in 1974. By the late 70s, he was only 5 years old. How can he be in local government?”

Meanwhile, lawyer Trixie Cruz Angeles remarked that it was a stupid mistake for Heydarian to claim that Isko Moreno has a vast experience as an executive and date it to 70’s.

Angeles said it was evident that Heydarian did not study his topics very well and couldn’t help but accuse Heydarian of making such claim either to play cute or piggybacking on Isko’s popularity.

Angeles also asked if Isko Moreno’s PR team had hired the services of Heydarian to sustain the momentum?

Did the Isko Moreno PR team tap Heydarian to sustain Yorme’s momentum? O sipsip lang talaga si Javad?

It was a stupid mistake to claim na mayaman sa experience si Isko, and date it to the 70s. Di nag aral si Richey. But why was he doing that in the first place? Pa cute? Sakay sa sikat ni Mayor? O… may natutulog sa pansitan sa PR team?

Talaga bang Yorme for President in 2022?

ISKO for President 2022? (Part I)

Posted by Richard Foronda Heydarian on Friday, October 25, 2019

Netizen Orion Perez D further added that Isko Moreno’s stint as a Counilor cannot even be counted as an executive experience since the job of a City Councilor is purely legislative.

Not only that, the idiot said EXECUTIVE POSITIONS.

The first purely semi-executive position he got was in 2007, as Vice-mayor.

But his first stint was as city councilor in 1998. Councilor is not executive. It’s LEGISLATIVE.

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Source: Mark Lopez

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